Glued Laminated Timber

Glued Laminated Timber,Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam), with the wood I-beam, veneer lumber as one of the three main engineering products. Glulam is also solid wood, sometimes called finger board, you can use wood wax oil brushing to prevent deformation.

Gluten the British, German has been translated as laminated material, often with the veneer laminated material confused, for which, also used plate material layer or thick plate laminated material name.
A Japanese name in the form of a Chinese character, including a material made of glue with a glue and a material made of metal, nail, and the like. So this material is called the laminated material is not exact. But the first domestic production of this material factory using the name of the integrated material, and the subsequent establishment of the production plant are using the name, in order to facilitate the production and circulation of this product, it is often used in the name of the integrated material.
Glued wood is the domestic colleges and universities, research department terminology, which highlights the adhesive with glue this feature, the title is more clear, so the finished material is also called glued wood.

Basic Features
(1) Aggregate material from the solid wood of the short material to produce the required size and shape specifications, so that small materials, use of inferior materials.
(2) Glulam material in the glue before the removal of knots, decay and other wood defects, which can create less defective material. With the board, even if there are still wood defects can also be scattered wood defects.
(3) Glulam retains the natural wood texture, looks beautiful.
(4) the raw material of the finished material is sufficiently dried, and even if the large cross section and the long size material, the moisture content of each part is uniform, and the cracking is small as compared with the solid wood.
(5) is superior to solid wood in terms of physical and mechanical properties such as tensile and compressive strength and uniformity of material quality, and can improve the strength performance according to the strength of laminates. The results show that the strength performance is 1.5 Times
(6) As required, the laminate can be made into a straight, curved shape. According to the requirements of the corresponding strength, can be made along the length of the cross-section structure, can also be manufactured into the font, hollow square and other cross-section integration.
(7) A knitted fabric made of a curved shape is an ideal material as a wood structural member.
(8) before gluing, the plate can be pre-drug treatment, even long, large materials, its internal can have enough medicine, so that the material has excellent corrosion resistance, fire resistance and pest control.
(9) Due to the different use, require the finished material with sufficient gluing performance and durability, for which the finished material must be equipped with good technology, equipment and good quality management and product testing.
(10) Compared with the solid wood, the finished material is low, the cost of the product is high.

According to the use of the environment
Glulam can be divided into interior use of finished materials and outdoor use of integrated materials. Indoor use of integrated materials used in indoor dry state, as long as the indoor environment to meet the durability, you can meet the user requirements. Outdoor use of integrated materials used in the outdoors, often suffering from rain, snow erosion and sunlight exposure, it requires a high durability.
According to the shape of the product
Glulam can be divided into plate-like laminates, through-integrated materials and bending materials. Can also be made of synthetic materials shaped cross-section, such as I-shaped cross-section of the integrated material and box-type section of the integrated material or hollow section of the integrated material.
According to the bearing situation
Glulam can be divided into structural use of integrated materials and non-structural use of integrated materials. The structural laminate is a load-bearing member which requires sufficient strength and rigidity of the laminate. Non-structural use of non-load-bearing components, it requires the appearance of beautiful appearance.
By use
Glulam can be divided into: ① non-structural use of materials; ② structural use of integrated materials; ③ veneer non-structural use of materials; ④ veneer structure
With a finished material.
Glulam does not change the structure and characteristics of wood, it is still a natural substrate as wood, but from the physical and mechanical properties, in terms of tensile and compressive strength are better than the solid wood, the material quality of the homogenization Is also superior to solid wood. Therefore, the laminate can be used instead of solid wood in a variety of corresponding fields.
■ Non-structural Glulam
Non-structural laminates are mainly used as furniture and interior decoration materials.
In terms of furniture, the laminate is applied to the furniture manufacturing industry in the form of integrated sheet, integrated square and integrated curved material.
Integrated panel used in the table panel, cabinet side panels, roof and floor, and other large format parts, cabinet partitions, floor and drawer floor and other non-exposed parts and drawer panels, side panels, floor, Small format parts.
The integrated body is used in tables and chairs of the table and chair, and the cabinet or the like is made into a circular cross section.
Integrated bending material used in chair bracket, handrails, backrest, sofas, coffee table and other bending parts.
In the interior decoration of the application, Glulam in the form of integrated sheet and integrated square material as interior decoration materials.
Integrated sheet for staircase side panels, stepping boards, flooring and wall trim panels and other materials.
Integrated square for indoor doors, windows, cabinets beams, columns, decorative columns, staircase handrails and decorative strips and other materials.
■ Glulam for structural use
Glulam is developed with the increasing demand for structural elements of the construction industry. It is mainly used for the wooden structure beams of buildings such as gymnasiums, concert halls, factories, warehouses and so on. The application of three-hinge girders is the most common, This is in the previous wood structure can not be achieved