Good plywood suppliers are trained, SQE and purchasing must read

Good plywood suppliers are trained, SQE and purchasing must read

Continuous acquisition of high quality, low price, timely delivery of plywood products and service beyond expectations is the eternal goal of procurement. To achieve this goal, we must have excellent and loyal plywood suppliers. The so-called excellent is that the plywood supplier has the ability to provide us with high-quality, low-cost, timely delivery of plywood products and provide services beyond expectations; the so-called loyalty means that the plywood supplier always regards us as the first customer, always takes our needs as the direction of continuous improvement, and firmly gives us even when we encounter difficulties Support.

However, in some plywood enterprises, the reality is that the excellent plywood suppliers are usually not loyal enough, and the loyal plywood suppliers are usually not excellent enough. Therefore, it is the helpless choice for these plywood enterprises to continuously develop and replace the plywood suppliers. The result is that the quality, price and delivery time fluctuate frequently, and the service is sometimes good or bad, sometimes absent. Although the relevant departments are busy, they continue to obtain plywood products with high quality, low price and timely delivery, and the service beyond expectations is always in the air.

Why is this? In my opinion, one of the fundamental reasons may be that these plywood enterprises always want to directly find excellent and loyal plywood suppliers for their own use, but they do not realize that when the attraction of plywood enterprises is not strong enough, it is more important to cultivate excellent and loyal plywood suppliers than to find them.

So, how to cultivate excellent and loyal plywood suppliers?

First of all, we should correctly understand the basic role of plywood suppliers in the realization of plywood products, establish the idea of relying on and serving plywood suppliers, treat plywood suppliers kindly and give them confidence


Plywood supplier is the basis of plywood product realization

The quality, price and delivery cycle of raw materials largely determine the quality, cost and production cycle of plywood products. The greater the proportion of outsourcing and outsourcing raw materials in the raw materials of plywood products, the greater the degree of determination. The quality, cost and delivery cycle of raw materials depend on plywood suppliers. Therefore, the plywood supplier is the basis for the realization of our plywood products. We should treat the plywood supplier as our own branch factory, believe in the plywood supplier, rely on the plywood supplier, try our best to serve the plywood supplier, and cultivate the plywood supplier into a solid raw material production base.


Equal treatment of plywood suppliers

In the buyer’s market environment, in the business relationship, the buyer is usually in a strong position, while the plywood supplier is usually in a relatively inferior position. Therefore, some plywood enterprises often use their strong position to force the plywood suppliers to accept some unequal conditions directly or indirectly. This practice may bring some benefits to the plywood enterprises in the short term, but it is disadvantageous to the plywood enterprises in the long run, because although the plywood suppliers have been forced to accept these conditions, they are not satisfied with it, and “they are in caoying and their hearts are in Han”. Once there is a better market, they will immediately “empathize”. As a result, the quality of plywood products and delivery time fluctuated, and the quality of service decreased. Plywood enterprises naturally changed from “beneficiaries” to “victims”. Therefore, if we want plywood suppliers to be loyal to us, we must treat plywood suppliers equally.

The so-called equal treatment, I think, is to achieve what you do not want, do not do to others, everything to others, heart to heart. And the most basic thing is not to force plywood suppliers to do something they don’t want. For example, we should negotiate on the premise of equality and voluntariness, not to sign agreements with plywood suppliers with unequal conditions, let alone force plywood suppliers to sign similar agreements in any way; we should not force or deceive plywood suppliers to participate in new plywood product projects that they are not good at or willing to participate in, and do not force or deceive plywood suppliers to accept that they are unable to accept or accept They are not willing to accept the business, strictly perform the obligations stipulated in the agreement, refuse to perform them for any reason or perform them in a discount manner.


Actively safeguard the interests of plywood suppliers

Plywood suppliers cooperate with us for profit. If we can’t make a profit, the plywood supplier won’t cooperate with us, even if we have established a partnership, it won’t last long. Therefore, if we want the plywood supplier to be loyal and continue to provide us with satisfactory plywood products and services, we must take the initiative to protect the interests of plywood suppliers

<1> To give plywood suppliers a reasonable profit margin, some plywood suppliers usually adopt a low price strategy in order to occupy the market first. After occupying the market, they will wait for the opportunity to raise the price or make an article on the new plywood products. If the plan is successful, they will continue to cooperate with us. Once the plan fails, they may withdraw soon. Therefore, in the long run, even if the quality and service are the same, the lowest price is not necessarily the best choice. The key is to see the rationality of the profit margin. Different people have different opinions on the rationality of profit margin. In my opinion, it should be reasonable to give the same or similar profit margin of raw materials and plywood products. For example, when the profit margin of plywood products is 10%, the profit margin of raw materials for plywood products is about 10%; when the profit margin of plywood products decreases, the profit margin of raw materials will also be reduced proportionally.

<2> The plywood supplier shall not be required to undertake any other obligations except those stipulated in the agreement, and shall not unilaterally raise the requirements for plywood products or services, so as to reduce the profit margin of plywood suppliers in disguised form. If the requirements of plywood products or service requirements are increased due to our reasons, and the cost of plywood suppliers increases, the plywood suppliers shall be compensated accordingly.

<3> After entering the stage of mass production, the design scheme should be as stable as possible, and should not be changed easily unless it is absolutely necessary. In case of unavoidable change, the plywood supplier should also actively communicate with each other in advance and take corresponding remedial measures.

<4> When the average defect rate of plywood products (the average value of defective rate of incoming inspection, process inspection and one-time inspection of finished products) of plywood suppliers is greater than or equal to the profit margin, it means that the plywood suppliers may have or are making losses on the plywood products. In order to ensure the stability and continuity of supply, relevant personnel should be sent to improve the quality management measures together with plywood suppliers to improve the qualified rate.

<5> Establish and improve the system to prevent employee corruption, restrict employees’ behavior, and prevent employees from using their authority to damage the interests of plywood suppliers. The anticorrosion system should focus on the plywood supplier selection, plywood selection, scheme selection, pricing, contract terms, procurement proportion allocation, quality control, claims and other aspects.

<6> Try to use exclusive supply. If the supply capacity of the plywood supplier can meet our demand and there is no big mistake, it is not easy to add new plywood suppliers, even if there is a better price. If the supply is not exclusive, it is not easy to reduce the proportion of purchasing or change the direction of procurement without the major fault of the plywood supplier. If the plywood supplier has investment in the plywood product development process or design change process, it must give corresponding return from the order or other aspects.

Secondly, we should fully realize the importance of building an excellent and loyal plywood supplier team for the survival and development of plywood enterprises, and select, evaluate and manage plywood suppliers from the strategic height of building raw material manufacturing base.


The selection of plywood suppliers should follow the “appropriate” principle

The attractiveness of plywood enterprises to plywood suppliers determines the loyalty of plywood suppliers to plywood enterprises. Plywood enterprises should also pay attention to “match each other and love each other” when choosing plywood suppliers. Otherwise, cooperation will not be pleasant or long-term. Therefore, we should choose the “appropriate” plywood supplier rather than the “best” plywood supplier based on the actual situation of our own scale, popularity, purchase volume and payment ability.

The so-called appropriate, one is that the plywood product structure of the plywood supplier adapts to our needs; the second is that the qualification conditions, research and development ability, quality assurance ability, production capacity and cost control ability of the plywood supplier can basically meet our requirements; the third is that the plywood supplier has the desire of long-term cooperation with us and is willing to make continuous improvement according to our requirements Fourth, we have strong enough attraction to plywood suppliers, and it is possible to control them effectively for a long time.


Pay attention to the development potential of plywood suppliers in evaluating plywood suppliers

The evaluation of existing capability is the basic factor to evaluate plywood suppliers, such as quality system certification, R & D ability, quality control ability of design process, production capacity, production organization mode, quality control ability of logistics and manufacturing process, cost control ability, existing market, service to existing market, traceability of plywood products, and management of plywood suppliers Ability, etc. However, in order to select suitable training objects, it is not enough to only evaluate their existing capabilities, but also to evaluate their development potential. Moreover, the development potential should be the key factor to determine the training object. When the existing capacity and development potential can not be achieved simultaneously, priority should be given to plywood suppliers with good development potential.

In general, the evaluation of the development potential of plywood suppliers should include the following aspects:

(1) The top decision maker of plywood suppliers is the “businessman” who is eager for quick success and instant profit, or the “plywood entrepreneur” with long-term vision.

(2) Whether the development direction of plywood suppliers is consistent with our development needs, whether there is a clear strategic plan, whether there are specific action plans and action records to realize the strategic planning.

(3) Whether the quality objectives of plywood suppliers are clear, and whether there are action plans and action records to achieve the quality objectives.

(4) Whether the plywood supplier has quality system upgrading plan and whether the existing quality system is really implemented.

(5) Whether the quality of the existing employees of plywood suppliers can meet the needs of the development of their plywood enterprises, and whether there are medium and long-term human resource development plans.

(6) Whether the existing management methods of plywood suppliers can meet the development needs of their plywood enterprises, and whether there are improvement plans.

(7) What is the social reputation of plywood suppliers and whether their associated plywood suppliers have confidence in them.

(8) Whether the basic work of plywood supplier’s enterprise management is solid and whether there are improvement plans.


The management of plywood suppliers should be based on the combination of en and Wei, with equal emphasis on management and help

The common methods of plywood supplier management are: to monitor the supply performance of plywood suppliers, evaluate the level of plywood suppliers according to the monitoring results, implement hierarchical management, reward and punish the poor, rectify the unqualified items; re evaluate the plywood suppliers regularly, adjust the purchasing measures according to the evaluation results, and eliminate the unqualified plywood suppliers.

This is a post control measure, which is helpful to prevent the recurrence of the same error, but it is not necessarily obvious to prevent the occurrence of errors and improve the ability of plywood suppliers. As we all know, it is the best way to ensure the quality of incoming materials to help plywood suppliers improve the quality assurance ability in the design process and manufacturing process. Extending our progress management to the production and logistics process of plywood suppliers is the best way to ensure timely delivery. Helping plywood suppliers to improve cost control ability is an effective means to reduce the purchase price The management of plywood suppliers must be based on the principle of “combining kindness with prestige”. It is necessary to assess, reward and punish plywood suppliers, and provide necessary help to plywood suppliers

1) Help plywood supplier to improve quality assurance capability in design and manufacturing process

In the final analysis, the quality of raw materials is designed and manufactured. Therefore, we should try our best to help the plywood suppliers to control the key links of their design and production process, such as actively communicating with the plywood suppliers, so that the plywood suppliers can accurately grasp our requirements; supervise and guide the APQP and PPAP processes of the plywood suppliers, and give them to the plywood suppliers The technical support is needed; the quality problems of raw materials are improved together with plywood suppliers; the quality control methods and methods of purchasing process and manufacturing process are improved with plywood suppliers; the identification management and unqualified products (especially concession acceptance parts and returned parts) control are improved in the logistics process.

2) Help plywood supplier to improve cost control ability

Raw material price, inventory, production efficiency, qualified rate and production consumption are important factors affecting the cost of raw materials. Therefore, in addition to helping plywood suppliers improve their quality control ability, we should actively provide supply support in other aspects, such as sharing procurement resources with plywood suppliers, helping plywood suppliers develop cheaper purchasing channels, and providing glue Plywood suppliers should have sufficient production cycle as much as possible, and the purchasing quantity should be as stable as possible. We should work with plywood suppliers to improve their logistics and manufacturing process, reduce ineffective labor and shorten production cycle. We should discuss with plywood suppliers how to improve inventory management to help plywood suppliers reduce their inventory of raw materials, work in process and finished products, and help plywood suppliers improve Its production process can reduce the consumption of energy, auxiliary materials and consumables in the production process.

3) Help plywood suppliers to improve their plan management methods

Whether the plywood supplier can receive our order quickly and accurately and convert the order into the work task of relevant departments has a great influence on the timeliness of delivery. Therefore, the plan management means of plywood supplier and our plan management method should be compatible. If we place orders for plywood suppliers through the Internet, we should urge and help the plywood suppliers to establish and improve the corresponding plan management methods, so as to ensure that the plywood suppliers can automatically receive the orders from us, and can automatically convert the orders into the work tasks of various departments, and also ensure that our purchasing department can provide the plywood suppliers with Real time monitoring of order execution (such as material procurement progress, production progress, delivery progress).

4) Help plywood suppliers develop market and maintain their stability

When the plywood supplier has insufficient production tasks, production capacity and personnel surplus, which may lead to losses, brain drain and other serious situations, we should try our best to help the plywood supplier to develop the market, so as to maintain the stability of plywood supplier’s plywood enterprise and ensure the continuity and stability of raw material supply.

5) Provide employee training support to plywood suppliers

To help the plywood supplier to improve the skills and quality of its employees, and to let the employees of the plywood supplier know us, identify with us, admire us and yearn for us, is very helpful for us to achieve the goal of continuously obtaining high-quality, low price, timely delivery of plywood products and service beyond expectations. Therefore, we should actively provide plywood suppliers with Staff training support, such as technical training, management training, plywood corporate culture publicity, etc.

In short, plywood supplier management is like “raising chickens and laying eggs”. If you want to get more eggs and get more eggs, you should first raise chickens well. Therefore, as long as we sincerely treat plywood suppliers, actively cultivate plywood suppliers, continuously obtain high-quality, low price, timely delivery of plywood products and services beyond expectations, it will become a reality.

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