Goodbye on the last day of 2018, welcome to 2019, give me 5 advice, start a new journey tomorrow

Goodbye on the last day of 2018, welcome to 2019, give me 5 advice, start a new journey tomorrow.

Today is December 31, 2018, the last day of the year. In the work, feelings, and family life that 2018 encountered, there were good gratifications and bad troubles. Have been faced with it and have passed, look forward to the past to embrace the future, work hard to make progress towards the future, and enjoy the progress of every moment of every day every year.

See you on the last day of 2018 and welcome you to the arrival of 2019. Give yourself 5 advice, start a new journey tomorrow, come on life road

Goodbye on the last day of 2018, welcome to the arrival of 2019. Thank you for your care for me in 18 years, the financial support given to me by my work, the surprise brought by my interest, the love that my family has brought me care and support, the support of my lover, and the fact that you have no complaints in this life. regret. I look forward to a better future, cheering, and marching forward to the journey of life.

5 points of advice for the future

The first point: keep your body healthy

In fact, all things are based on themselves, and their central point is from the body. Our body is a leaf boat that travels in the ocean. We must take good care of it, protect it, and actively build and transform this leaf boat. Let it be a huge cruise ship in the future, in order to protect itself in the ocean. Drive farther, go to a better life and improve your quality of life. Make yourself more and more happy

To maintain your habit of going to bed early, sleep an hour early every morning and get up early in the morning. This will give you more time to learn and do more things that will make you improve. You may fall asleep before 10:30 every day, get up early at around 6 o’clock, and have eight hours of sleep every day. Rejuvenate your body, strengthen your body and delay your aging. It’s better to stick to your body and make yourself more confident and energetic.

The second point: reduce the weight or pressure, let yourself go further

Ordinary people always say: You will have no motivation without pressure. Is this really true? Actually it is not true: although there is no motivation, there is no motivation. It depends on whether the weight is heavy or the pressure is too heavy. Once you are overweight, it will only make you more difficult to move forward. Every day, you will continue to worry about these things, not only affecting the speed and quality of your progress, but also affecting your health. If you lose your body, you will not go farther if you are willing to go. It will only drag you down and drag your family and loved ones.

We should give up the excess thought pressure and work hard to be true. Reduce the load and pressure to go further. If the weight is reduced, you will go faster and further. Please don’t let go of your own under pressure. This will make your future life more difficult. To abandon the excessive pressure and burden, you should make yourself stronger, so that you can be more capable of sheltering your family for your loved ones, and not letting your family and loved ones suffer because of suffering. Come on, every handsome guy

The third point: persist in exercise: strong, strong, strong and happy

If you have the habit of sticking to exercise, even if you take 30 minutes of simple exercise, you can resist yourself from all kinds of stress and not be beaten. In addition, it is impossible to say that there is no time for exercise. Time is like a sponge, squeezed out and squeezed out. If you don’t believe it, try it and make sure you have a healthy body. Exercise can strengthen your body and strengthen your heart.

Develop the habit of jogging every day, which can effectively increase the vital cells that stimulate the whole body. Accelerate your blood circulation system and improve your heart and lungs. The blood is made by the heart cycle, the heart is energized, and the body is more energetic and healthier. Set a small goal for yourself to improve your physical activity every day. For example, 600 meters is the target, and you always keep running. Slowly, according to the physical strength of your own, you can help yourself to break through the various goals of life and let yourself run on the journey of people. Refueling insists on persistence

Fourth point: Let yourself have a passionate heart

Always let yourself maintain a passionate heart, which will help us to go further. Life without passion will only be in place or slow, and many people will catch up and let themselves fall. Have a passionate heart, you can make yourself better. In addition, if there is passion, there will be motivation. The reduction of passion is also destroying the power of life. This is not advisable. To keep a passionate heart, come on, come on

Fifth point: Let yourself have a firm and confident heart

Let yourself have a firm and confident heart, passion and confidence to accomplish many impossible things. Firm self-confidence and a passionate heart are the most important motivations in your life journey. The two complement each other to promote their own life to reach a better future. No matter what sufferings you encounter, you should not ruin your self-confidence and passion. You shouldn’t be defeated by anyone or thing. You have to be more frustrated and hard to work hard. Going out every morning to shout for myself: Come on, come on, I am the best, I am the best, I have to fight for my family, come on

2018 Goodbye Thank you for your care and care. 2019 Hello, please take care to make me walk farther and better. Thanks to the tempering of the two to make me progress, thank you for your life.

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