Grade and Quality Standard of Pinus radiata in New Zealand

Grade and Quality Standard of Pinus radiata in New Zealand

1. Commodity Description: Pinus radiata from New Zealand

2. Commodity status: kiln drying 8-12% moisture content, sawwood wool that is not planished board

3. Grade and quality standards:

3A. Cutting 2 and Better Grade

Cutting 2 and Better grades:

This is a mixed stage of No 1 Cutting and No 2 Cutting (refer to the definition of No 1 Cutting and No 2 Cutting grades in CUTS level), i.e. the pitch between nodes is not less than 600 mm, No 1 Cutting accounts for about 30%, No 2 Cutting accounts for about 70%. Some furniture factories need to use long clear wood (i.e. knotless scar material) to process products, but feel that the Clears grade is too expensive to use this grade.

3B. Cuts Grade

CUTS level:

A. Grading criteria:

(a) The cut-off level is determined as follows

No. 1 cutting level

Cleaning length (> 1000mm) and the sum of clearing length (> 70% of plate length)

No. 2 cutting level

Cleaning length (> 600 mm) and the sum of clearing length (> 70% of plate length)

No. 3 cutting level

Cleaning length (> 200 mm) and the sum of clearing length (> 60% of plate length)


The sum of clearing length not less than 150 mm is more than 50% of plate length.

B) unmyelinated core

B. Processing standards:

A) Water content: 8-12%.

B) Re-treatment after drying to eliminate stress.

C) Reduce resin content to facilitate turning and sanding.

C. Ratio of different grades:

Cuts Grade Output Ratio

No. 1 cutting accounts for 5-10%.

No. 2 cutting accounts for 20-30%.

No. 3 cutting accounts for 55-65%

Other accounts for 5-10%.

D. Processing complaints: 5% of the undesirable rate is allowed

(a) Internal crack b) Moisture content c) Deformation caused by drying stress d) Size deficiency, surface crack and wormhole e) Blue change

3C. COL Grade

COL Grade:

A. COL level is a mixture of CUTS and INDUSTRIAL (industrial) level. (About 70% of CUTS, INDUSTRIAL)


B. Water content: 8-12%

C. Stress: (after drying) Re-treatment to eliminate stress.

D. Processing complaints

A) internal cleft

B) moisture content

C) Deformation due to drying stress

D) Size deficiencies, surface cracks and wormholes

E) blue stain.

It is unacceptable if a large number of the above defects occur. The buyer has the right to complain and claim.

3D. Merchantable Grade

This grade product has no pith, very small knot scar, good surface and edge appearance. These small knots can be fully used for wood doors and furniture and other final products. They are simple, natural, beautiful and do not affect the strength of furniture. They are especially suitable for manufacturers exporting wood doors and furniture to Asia or Australia. Moisture content: 8-12%.

Specifications available: width, thickness and length

75/100/150 25mm 1.8m-6.0m

75/100/150/200 32m m 1.8m-6.0m

75/100/125/150 40m m 1.8m-6.0m

75/100/125/150/200 50m m 1.8m-6.0m

All through FSC certification: SGS – COC – 0941

This level standard (allowable defects):

1. All Scar Requirements

Limit quantity and size.

2. Scar and void

Each panel has a maximum of four dead joints and no more than 20 mm wide.

3. Scar of skin clip is less than 15 mm

3. Panel Resin Line

Maximum length 100mm

4. Bark and resin sac

Maximum Size 10 mm wide x 100 mm long

5. resin line

Maximum size 20 mm wide x 200 mm long

No Defects: Core of Marrow, Heavy Resin, Very Serious Bird’s Eye, Death Knot


Blunt edge: no more than 10 mm on the surface, no more than 5 mm on the edge of the plate, the maximum proportion of the length of the plate 1/4

Grade mark: MS (hint: M grade is not suitable for cleaning sawing and finger splicing. )

3E. Industrial Grade

Pan Pac’s industrial grade is produced when Pan Pac New Zealand Headquarters processes CUTS grade plates with grade A logs, which can not meet the requirements of CUTS grade. Defects may include bird’s eyes, color difference, resin, blunt edges, etc. However, it is not allowed to have the defects of blue transformation and too high or too low water content. The available thickness is 23 mm, 32 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm, 50 mm and 55 mm. But the amount of 38mm and 50mm is less.

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