Grading rules and inspection checklist for China Commercial Plywood to middle east markets

Grading rules and inspection checklist for China Commercial Plywood to middle east markets

What is Commercial plywood?

For middle east ,Africa and some asia countries , when plywood buyers talk about Commercial plywood what they usually mean to say is the plywood except film faced plywood and fancy plywood  ,all other most of the plywood they call commerical plywood .

When inspecting these quality-grade products, we need to pay attention to the thickness, size and flatness of the products. There is no too high requirement for minor processing defects or natural defects.

Commercial plywood generally refers to the grade of plywood,  which is basically the cheapest grade plywood available in the markets,customers do not specify specific quality requirements, so the price of products are very different .On the outside packing of the plywood ,the shipping marks always say Commercial plywood ….Popular products, sellers do not know what the ultimate customer is using these plywood for.

IT also have another similar name such as ordinary plywood ,or common plywood .The species such as okoume ,tropical wood ,bingtangor …..the commercial plywood normally red hardwood species or tropical species ,because the middle east markets they like red species ,like the european markets and south central and markets …

Okoume and bintangor should be the top 2 wood spieces used for chinese plywood in the world .

COMMERCIAL plywood is just plywoo category ,when inspect the commerical plywood,The qc still should know what kinds of wood species .

The glue they normally use MR glue ,but most of the chinese plywood manufacturers use E2 for the buyers (E2 is better than MR ) because of the environmental protection and quality upgrading system .

Thickness tolerance are normally tested by whole crate and then get an average thickness for each plywood , because of the quality levels ,very few buyers test the plywood by single piece .

Non-sanding is also one of the key factors that describle the commercial plywood ,because of the thin face veneer ,and regular quality of the veneer platform ,if sand the surface top and bottom face veneer ,may it can sand through the face veneer and have more bleeding and telegraphing problems .So ,most of the buyers they don’t want the sanding process .

The edges of the commercial plywood ,are normally filled and inserted by the color-matched putty to make up or hide the inside quality defects such as core voids and overlaps .

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