Green Veneer Clipper

Main Function:

  1. Increasing the capacity utilization rate of dryer.
  2. Strengthen the veneer core composing quality.
  3. Upgrading output efficiency with shorten working processes.
  4. Saving man power costs.


  1. The GREEN VENEER CLIPPER is specialized in cutting the raw core veneer after peeling line. It is in particular able to deal with thickness 1.2mm to 4.0mm with one piece full size cutting or irregular size and both uneven edges clipping to uniform.
  2. The machine equips the guide and aligning devices with the in feeding conveyor to enhance the operational efficiency and good quality of production.
  3. The raw core veneer goes through the NC electronic detector device to remove the knothole, damage, irregular edge and uneven sharp of the raw core veneer.
  4. The clipping device is in charge of cutting out all the unqualified parts and discharges automatically all of them from waste discharge device.
  5. The roller conveyor delivers all the integrity raw core veneer to the stacker bench and provides an easy collecting to the operator.


  • Machine Size: 4FT
  • Made In Taiwan, Republic Of China
  • Key Features: The Best Clipping Performance
  • Length Of Knife: 1350mm
  • Working Veneer Core Width: 968mm to 1270mm (3ft. to 4ft.)
  • Veneer Core Thickness: 1.2mm to 4.0mm
  • Feeding Speed: 32m/min (constant)
  • Motor: 3.7kw
  • Machine Dimension: 3.2m(W) x 1.9m(H) x 8.1m(L)
  • Machine Weight: N.W. 4200kg

Optional Accessories: Air compressor with 2.2 KW motor
(require 7kg/cm air pressure 1200 liters/min free air.

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