H16/H20/Pine LVL/Timber/Wood Beam as Building Material for Formwork System

H20 Wood Beam for Bridge Engineering

Product Advantage:

1. Light Weight: The density of H20 Timber Beam is only 5.0-5.5kg per meter, it is easy to deliver, dismantle and install.

2. High Tenacity: The H20 Timber Beam is not easy to break off because of fiber.

3. Good Proofing: The H20 Timber Beam is good at waterproofing, acid proofing, alkali proofing and moth proofing.

4. Environment Friendly: The Timber Beam belongs to renewable resources, it could be used many times, And without poison, no damage to health.

5. Good Straightness: The H20 Timber Beam in not easy to deform.
 Technical Specification :

Raw Material: Spruce, Pine LVL, Poplar plywood;
Size:  Flange 40*80mm, Web thickness 27mm, Height 200mm
 Length:  From 1000 mm to 8000 mm
 Glue:  WBP Phenolic, Melamine
Density: 5.0-5.5 kgs/m
Water Content:  5-12%
Painting: yellow waterproof painting or as per request 
Head protection:  with or without plastic or metal cap


 Usage:  construction formwork system
Certifacte:  SGS
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