H20 BEAM inspection and QC CHecklist

H20 BEAM inspection and QC CHecklist

H20 Concrete Formwork Beam

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1 H20 concrete formwork beams of SPRUCE and FIR.
2 The wing is made of carefully selected quality wood.

3 The core consists of a 3-layer panel, which ensures the stability of the beam and allows it to withstand all weather conditions.

4 Wing assemblies and core are inseparably joined by a splice.

5 Optional: plastic protective cap, shock resistant. Placed at the ends of the beam, this adapter provides additional protection against mechanical damage. This allows the beam to be reused several times and prolongs the beam’s life span while improving it’s strength.

6 The surface of the beams is protected by a waterproof coating which guarantees a long lifespan.

7 For greater ease of use, the length is indicated on each beam (beams are 20cm high and are produced in various standard lengths).

PROPERTIES plus Cheaper and high quality product for formwork
plus Excellent flexural strength
plus Minimal distortion
plus Waterproof and water resistant
plus Comes from sustainably managed European forests (FSC)
DRYING KD 12 +/- 2%
WEIGHT 4,7Kg/m
BOND Hot glue, melamine resin
WINGS • Made of Spruce or Fir, carefully selected
• The wing and the core are assembled by a joint splice and are bonded crosswise (relative to the rings)
• the cross dimensions are 80 x 40 mm
• The wings can be joined together in length
• The wing is milled along its core
• The edges of the wing are planed and chamfered (up to about 0.4 mm)
CORE 3 layered Plywood plate bonded so that the rings are vertical (relative to the cross section)
TREATEMENT The surface is completely protected by a waterproof and water-repellent coating
ADAPTABILITY With 3 layers in the core, the H20 beams can be cut to any length, without their properties being altered.
STANDARD LENGTHS 1,95 / 2,45 / 2,65 / 2,90 / 3,30 / 3,60 / 3,90 / 4,50 / 4,90 / 5,90 / maximum length: 6,00 m
Dimension Value Gap
Depth of the joist 200mm +/- 2mm
Depth of the wing 40mm +/- 6mm
Width of the wing 80mm +0,8 / 1,2mm
Thickness of the wing 29mm +/- 0,87mm

The values shown are valid for new formwork beams that have not yet been used, stored in suitable and properly used conditions. For beams which have been used several times, it is necessary (depending on different uses and requirements thereof) adding a proportional safety factor.

Extrabeam H20 and Extrabeam H20+ are the strongest and lightest formwork beams made of engineered spruce wood. Our formwork beams are produced in various standard lengths.

With the Chords made of high-quality and graded massive finger-jointed timber, the Webs made of 3-ply laminated wood panels, and an optional protective cap that prevents the beam from being exposed to premature chipping on the chord ends, Extrabeam H20 ensures sustainability and durability in all climate zones.


Extraform H20 plywood beam

  • Product: Wooden formwork H20 beams
  • Wood species: Spruce
  • Wood moisture: 12 % +/- 2 % at delivery
  • Weight: 4.5 kg/m
  • Glue: Melamine resin based adhesive, adhesive type I EN 301 – approved for use with load bearing timber components
  • Surface protection: Water repellent colour glaze is used to ensure the beam is waterproof
  • Chord: Made of carefully selected spruce wood; Finger-jointed, solid wood cross-sections, dimensions 80 x 40 mm; Finger-jointed chords; Web-milling on the opposing side of the core (left-sided chord surface); Planned and chamfered to app. 0.4 mm
  • Web: 3-ply solid wood panel, laminated, vertical growth-ring orientation
  • Surface protection: The entire beam is treated with a water-resistant colour stain

Support: Due to the 3-ply solid wood webs, Extrabeam H20 and Extrabeam H20+ can be cut into and supported at any length.


Dimension Value (a) Tolerance (b)
Beam height 200 mm ± 2 mm
Chord height 40 mm ± 0,6 mm
Chord width 80 mm + 0,8 mm/-1,2 mm
Web thickness 28 mm ± 1 mm
  1. a) These values apply at a wood moisture content of 12 % ± 2%
    b) According to standard SIST EN 13377:2002
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