H20 Beam

Chinese Wooden I-Beam (H20-Beam) Made in China,Wooden I-Beam (H20-Beam) is supporting Film Faced Plywood, 3 Plywood and other formwork for concrete pouring. Our H timber beams are composed of solid wood (Chinese pine, radiate pine, other pine) or LVL flange, and solid plywood, particle board or OSB web.


Using North American strong wood ensures exceptional strength.
LVB (cross positioned veneers) and Finger-jointed studs guarantee high bending strength and twist resistance.
Water proof and mould resistant coating.
Water proof glues.
All materials used have vast temperature amplitude durability.
Especially designed, plastic front and rear protectors. (See picture on the top right!)
Specially designed rolling mechanism for easy loading and unloading.


H20 timber beam widely applied in slab formwork system, wall formwork system, the column formwork system, and timber structures, and other temporary bearing structures.