H20 Beam

H20 Beam

 Weight per running meter: 4.8-4.9kg
 Bending moment — max. 5kN.m
 Shear force �C min 11.0kN
 Bending �C max 1/500
 Live load (Bending stiffness)
 Max 500kN/m2
 H.S. Code 2007: 44186000.90
 Available Length: (in CM)
180 �C 245 �C 290 �C 330 �C 360 �C 390 �C 420 �C 450 �C 490 �C 590

H20 Beam For construction use. Carry film faced plywood. 
Made of high-grade solid sawn lumber and plywood. 
Around4.8-5.2kgs per running meter. 
Treated by Water Proof Glue. (WBP) 

Prefabricated wood H20 beams are manufactured in a range of sizes. Long lengths use 
fingerjoining to splice flanges and butt jointing or toothed, tongue and groove or scarf 
configurations to splice the webs. The actual length is limited only by transportation restrictions

Resistant to rough handling and extreme use with longer service life.

Weight per running meter: 4.8-5.2k kg 
Mechanical specification: 
Bending moment max.5 Kn.m 
Cutting action max 10.0KN 
Bending max1/500 
Live load max 1.5 KN/m2 
Length in cm 
180 – 245 – 290 – 330 – 360 – 390 – 450 – 490 – 590

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