H20 BEAMS inspections and QC checklists


Doubl-T-iron (I-beam) is a modern building material. It has several advantages over the other elements of the overlapping
installations made by reinforced concrete.

Doubl-T-iron (I-beam). I-beams made of solid wood with shelves, where there are the grooves, and rack of plywood or carpentry
plate located in these grooves. I-beams are very relevant for the prevention of overlapping deformation. At observance of correct
operating conditions of a good I-beam provides high quality and sustainability of structures.

I-beam of solid wood has a number of advantages:

  • The durability. The beam is glued in several layers and it is covered by waterproof composition
  • Quick and easy installation due to a small proportion of the beam, absence of necessity of special technique for lifting and installation.
  • Completely adapted to any weather conditions due to a special moisture-proof applied to the beam structure.
  • I-beam helps to reduce the construction period and significantly reduce the weight of the object that allows avoiding the shrinkage.


Options of section (A / B / C)H — 20 cm

AА/B/C — 80/40/24 mm or 80/40/27 mm

Standard length (m): 1.45; 2.65; 3.00; 3.30; 3.60; 3.90; 4.20; 4.50; 4.90; 6.00.

Standard color: yellow

Normative requirements: comply with the requirements the GOST 20850-84

Formaldehyde emission class: E1. Humidity: 9-13%

Density: 450-680 kg / m3. The weight 4.8 – 5.5 kg / pm

Bonding: Adhesive bonding is resistant to environmental influences and boiled in water. Indicators of bonding strength in
accordance with DIN 68705 part 3 BFU 100






Name of indicators Value
Length mm <1000 +/- 1 mm1000 … 3000 mm +/- 2

3000 … 6000 +/- 3 mm

Resistance on break (kN) 11
Resistance to dynamic bending (kNm) 5
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