Hardboard QC Inspection Checklist : Part 2 Explanation of Nouns for Surface Defects of Hard Fiberboard

Hardboard QC Inspection Checklist : Part 2 Explanation of Nouns for Surface Defects of Hard Fiberboard

A1 water stains

Due to improper hot pressing technology and splashing water on wet slab or slab surface, there are deep and shallow defects in the color of slab surface.

A2 stain

Oil stains and spots. Oil stain refers to the dark impression on the surface of the board caused by the mixture of slurry or other contaminants or the direct contamination of oil or other contaminants on the surface of the board; spot refers to the adhesive spots and wax spots on the surface of the board, and the spots caused by bark are not counted.

A3 markings

Tiger skin, also known as tiger skin, refers to the color of the surface of the stripes between shades, such as stripes with uneven internal structure caused by a significant decline in static strength, should be measured by cracks.

A4 sticky marks

It refers to the defect of dehulling or furring caused by the bonding between fiberboard and liner.

A5 indentation

Due to various reasons, there are local bumps on the surface of the plate.

A6 layering

Without external force, cracks can be found on the side of the plate.

A7 bubbling

Due to improper hot pressing technology, there are holes in the plate, resulting in the defect of local protrusion on the surface of the plate.

A8 crack

As the internal structure of slab is not uniform, there are cracks on the surface of slab and the strength of slab decreases obviously.

A9 water wet

In the production process, due to steam, water and other reasons, the plate surface bulges up and the structure is soft.

A10 carbonization

Due to the excessive degradation of fiber components, the local brown-black color of the board was observed, and the strength of the board was obviously decreased.

A11 corner is soft

The edge and corner of fingerboard are rough and soft, and the strength of fingerboard decreases obviously.

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