Hardness of Packaging Plywood

Hardness of Packaging Plywood

Plywood has many uses and corresponding products. Such as packaging plywood for packaging, furniture plywood for furniture, LVL plywood for special cases, special plywood, etc. Different plywood processes, materials and hardness are different. Only packaging plywood has different hardness under different packaging requirements.

1. Material affects hardness: Material selection is the problem of the above tree species, poplar, miscellaneous or birch, or beech, which poplar plywood hardness is the worst, beech is the best, such as our common container floor is beech!

2. Process affects hardness: the density problem, the hot press used for plywood is good or bad, the pressure of imported machine is good, the domestic machine is not good, and some manufacturers intentionally adjust low pressure, can save costs, but the density is not enough.

3. Demand affects hardness: Different packaging requirements have different requirements for hardness. For example, some valuable instruments need high-quality packaging. The thickness and strength of the packaging plywood used will increase accordingly. Thinner plywood can be used if you just pack some ordinary items, such as hardware, etc.

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