Hardwood and Softwood Plywood buying Guide and Tips

Hardwood and Softwood Plywood buying Guide and Tips

1.When evaluating the plywood, start by looking at their’s edges .

2. Core Layers straight,Close inspection of the edges reveals uneven core veneers, large voids, and a distinct curl.

3.Consistent thickness, and free of large voids and overlaps

4. Irregularities in the core veneers

5.telegraph through to the thin face veneer

6.broadcast the  Plywood SURFACES during sanding and finishing

7.Sight along the edge to check the sheet’s straightness.

8.A bow indicates unevenly dried core material that only warps more, as cutting the sheet releases internal tension.

9. Inconsistency and Flatness

10.Plywood grading, as much aesthetic art as science, designates one face as the front and one as the back; grading is on separate scales.

11. Face vener  plain-sliced, riftsawn, and quarter cuts

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