HDF MDF Door Skin Manufacturing Process

HDF MDF Door Skin Manufacturing Process

Technical Data

Thickness mm


Thickness Tolerance mm
Size Tolerance mm
Raw Density
Bending Strength N/mm2


Internal Bond N/mm2
Thickness Swelling / 24 hrs
Water Absorption / 24 hrs
Moulded Door Skins have high quality engineered wood fibre door facings.

Under intense heat and pressure, fibre sheets are moulded into various types of designs and are delivered to independent door manufacturers world-wide.

 Door Skin Process
Wood logs, after debarking, are made into chips and later fibres through the refining process. The fibres are then pre-pressed into low density fibre-mats by mixing glue and wax in order to form a ligno cellulose bonding between the fibres. After a special chemical treatment, the low density fibre-mats are prime coated with melamine paper and are pressed together under high pressure and intense heat in a multi-daylight moulded press. Various designs and dies are utilised to form the high density door skin panel. Because of the high quality melamine primer, the door skin face is good for staining and painting, and is extremely resistant to water and scratches. To enhance dimensional stability, the door skins are chemically treated and conditioned to suit all weather conditions. Studies and tests show that our Ever-Form door skins perform as well as conventional hardboard moulded door skins.
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