Hebei Province, the wood-based panel industry stopped production in a large area

On November 20, Hebei Province, the wood-based panel industry stopped production in a large area!

It is understood that the office of the leading group for air pollution prevention and control of Hebei Province has issued the notice on starting orange early warning and level II emergency response for the first regional double pollution weather (Jiqi Lingban No. 229) in an urgent manner. It is estimated that the orange early warning level II emergency response for the heavy pollution weather will be started on November 20, and the specific termination time will be notified according to the results of the discussion and judgment.

This is the third time since the autumn and winter of 2019. The level II emergency response was launched on November 1 last time. It ended on November 7. The emergency response lasted for 6 days. A series of reasons, such as temperature drop and raw materials rise, led to a significant increase in the cost of wood-based panel. This notice of production halt has accelerated the holiday rhythm of wood-based panel factory. It is expected that the production will be stopped and soon Due to the impact of the coming annual leave, the market price of raw materials and finished products of wood-based panel will fluctuate downward. As a result, the production halt caused by the heavy pollution weather may be in advance for Hebei and Shandong wood-based panel enterprises. I don’t know whether it is good news or bad news

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