High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Manufacturing :Part 2 Raw Materials

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Manufacturing :Part 2 Raw Materials

December 25th,2018

After you know the HPL manufacturing production process ,then you can have a checklist to know the raw mateirals used for making the HPL sheets .

Raw materials used for making the HPL : 1.Krart paper ,2.decorative paper ,3 Overlay paper, 4.Phenolic /MElamine Glue

  • Overlay paper, which serves to improve the abrasion, scratch and heat-resistance
  • Decorative paper, which defines the design and is composed of colored or printed paper
  • Kraft paper, which is used as core material and control product thickness.

Surface layer
upper decorative layer consisting in one or more sheets of fibrous material (usually paper) impregnated with aminoplastic thermosetting resins (usually melamine based resins) or other curable resins or other decorative design surfaces such as metal foils, wood-veneers and textiles, etc. which are not necessarily treated with thermosetting resin The surface layers can appear on one or both side(s) of the laminate(s). In case of one-sided laminates, the back of the sheet(s) may be made suitable for adhesive bonding to a substrate.
Core layer
Core layer consisting of fibrous materials (usually paper) impregnated with thermosetting resins (usually phenolic based resins) or other curable resins, eventually reinforced by metal layer(s) or metal mesh(es) and others which are not necessarily treated with thermosetting resin.

 Raw materials
Saturating Kraft paper for HPL has absorption capacity suitable for resins. Kraft paper may be made of virgin and/or recycled fibres.
Decor paper
Decor paper is bleached and pigmented paper providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The decorative layers can be pigmented solid colours or more unique patterns using gravure roll or digital printing technologies such as wood grains, stone patterns and individual designs.
Overlay paper
Overlay is a bleached unpigmented, transparent paper with very high absorption capacity for resins. It is used to improve abrasion resistance.
Melamine Resin
Melamine resins are made from melamine and formaldehyde solution. Melamine resins are transparent, lightfast, scratch resistant, hard coatings best applicable for the surface layers of HPL.
Phenolic resin
Phenolic resins are made from phenol and formaldehyde solution. Phenolic resins are brownish,relative elastic compounds for the core layers of HPL.

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