High Pressure Laminates (HPL) inspection

High Pressure Laminates (HPL) inspection

Inspect the high pressure decorative laminate sheets is a very complicated job ,

First knowing the production process ,HPL is manufactured by laminating phenolic resin-impregnated kraft sheets with melamine resinimpregnated decorative papers and a melamine overlay sheet .

1.Kraft paper quality checking

2.Melamine Resin impregnated Decorative paper test

3.Melamine Overlay

4.thickness tolerance and real thickness

5. Glue used for the production

6.Surface manufacturing defects such as bubbles ,blisters

7.kraft paper delamination

8.Color defects ,uniform color or not uniform color

9.Surface wood grain and texture finishes ,glossy and matt finish

10.If HPL can  be used in areas exposed to temperatures in excess of  155°C  or high  humidity.

11. HPL sheets should be stored horizontally, back-to-back and face-to-face, with the top sheet turned face down and a caul board placed  on top to preserve the material.

HPL SHEETS INSPECTION should be careful ,especially don’t forget to test the density /weight .


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