Hollow Chipboard also called Hollow Tubular Chipboard or Tubular Particle board,Tubular chipboard (hollow core chipboard) is a kind of chipboard which has tube holes inside.  Tubular chipboard sheets (hollow chipboard sheet) is about %50-60 lighter than solid wood doors. Lighter chipboard sheets are cutting, processing and using easily. The cost of hollow core chipboard is lower than solid wood. So customers prefer to use chipboard sheets.

Using chipboard sheets for manufacturing wooden interior door, for seperating rooms, walls and floors and decorations. Chipboard sheet is using for isolating sound and heat. If we produce door frame from tubular chipboad, weight is lighter than solid wood doors.

Decoration companies buys tubular chipboard sheets for arranging rooms, seperating them, covering walls and floors. Hollow sheet is isolating sound and heat. It decrease consumption of energy for heating and cooling and saving money. Tubular sheets are very strong and protect itself without any hazard for many years. It is easily paint with any colors you want. Another type of tubular chipboard is covered with melamine or venered chipboards.

Width :From 700mm to 1400mm  ,1250mm

Thickness : 24,28mm,30mm,33mm,34mm,38mm,45mm

Length :2090mm  ,2000-2200mm

Bore (hole Diameter) : 18-27mm

Like a bridge construction, Tubular Core provides an ideal combination of light weight and stability. Compared to solid boards, the weight of Tubular Core is reduced by up to 60%. This impressive fact proves that high quality doors do not have to be heavy! Tubular and solid cores have a very low thickness swelling, which is unusual for wood based materials. This makes them particularly suitable for doors with delicate surfaces. The special positioning of the particles guarantees a very high impact resistance: Doors with Tubular Core withstand even the greatest impact, in spite of maximum diameter of the tubes.

Test report :

No. Test Items Unite Technicial Standard Test result Consulation
1 Modulus of rupture Mpa ≥10 13 Qualitied
2 Modulus of elasticity Mpa ≥1350 1460 Qualitied
3 Moisture centent % 4-13 7 Qualitied
4 2h thickness swelling % ≤8 3 Qualitied
5 Formal dehyde emission mg/100g E1≤9.0 8 Qualitied
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