Hoop Pine Faced Bendy Plywood

Plain Bendy plywood are Recommended for applications where the plywood is to be covered, or where a high class paint finish is not required.

Hoop Pine Faced Bendy Plywood

Hoop Pine presents a tight grain that will not open when formed into a curved shape. This characteristic reduces labour and material costs by eliminating the need for a thin plywood or veneer lamination to conceal open grain. This species provides an excellent surface for painting or staining.

Hoop Pine faced bendy plywood is available in 2440 x 1220mm or 1220 x 2440mm . Depending on your requirements, select the flexibility in the 1220mm (short grain) or the 2440mm (long grain) direction. Bendy plywood utilises an “B” or “C” bond phenolic glue system, providing a durable bond in the tightest radius.

Bendy plywood simplifies previous painstaking methods of creating a variety of curved forms, also eliminating the need for prefabricated pieces. It is stable, light and easy to handle.


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