Hot pressing technology of birch veneer

Hot pressing technology of birch veneer

Birch veneer or other boards, in order to make the quality of the board better and more beautiful, can not always be hot pressed. Because the birch growth environment is in a relatively cold area, the growth speed is relatively slow, but because the wood is relatively fine, the texture is relatively hard, and it is loved by many people. When the hot pressing process is carried out, birch veneer is hot pressed. The strength will be higher than the general plate.

Birch veneer

About the introduction of hot pressing time, because he will have a relatively high moisture absorption after drying, so the hot pressing time should be relatively short, so as not to cause the moisture absorption of the plate due to the excessive drying of the hot pressed plate, and the excessive moisture will make him appear the situation of cracking and edge warping, which has a bad impact on watching and using.

In fact, birch veneer is so smooth when it is used, which is absolutely inseparable from his production attention, which is why birch is so attentive when it is hot pressed. The above is about the hot pressing process of sheet metal. If you have any questions or want to cooperate, please feel free to contact us.

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