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How do they teach foreigners Chinese

How do they teach foreigners Chinese

Now more and more foreigners come to Chengdu to live and study. Some people can’t help but wonder that many foreigners find it harder to learn Chinese than to ascend to the sky. How do the teachers who teach foreigners Chinese teach them? Facing foreigners who are just beginning to learn Chinese and have zero foundation, what teachers should do is to build a Chinese system for them. The composition of the system is multifaceted. Let’s talk about it briefly here.

Some basic principles

Mainly practical, and pay strict attention to pronunciation and spoken language; Lay the basic grammar system, but do not explain grammar too deeply; At the same time, Chinese characters are not the focus. At most, they are only interested in teaching, but should be taught from the actual life of students; Teach standard language, colloquial expressions, idioms, allegorical sayings, ancient Chinese and written language as much as possible. I can speak some popular sayings, but they must be short and easy to understand.

In Chengdu, how can I get it if I can’t speak a few words of Chengdu dialect? Teach foreign friends some Chengdu dialect, which will make it easier for them to integrate into Chengdu life.

Teaching Chinese without sticking to one pattern

According to different students, teachers’ corresponding teaching methods will also be adjusted. For example, for foreigners working in Chengdu, we should teach them more Chinese that should be used in the office; Foreigners who are housewives will talk more about how to deal with drivers and aunts; For foreigners visiting Chengdu, it is a good choice to introduce various tourist attractions in Chengdu.

There are many teaching materials

In the selection of Chinese teaching materials, some vivid and practical Chinese teaching materials have been compiled for the needs of the user countries. For example, new practical Chinese for Chinese Majors in English speaking countries, contemporary Chinese for public foreign language teaching, learn Chinese with me for high school students, happy Chinese for junior high school students, Chinese paradise for primary school students, Chinese today for Spanish speaking countries and populations, and approaching China. There are also Boya Chinese and bridge series books, which are good Chinese learning materials.

Many Chinese textbooks are equipped with multimedia CDs and audio-visual materials. At the same time, in line with the development trend of networking, digitization and informatization of Chinese teaching in the world, Hanban has developed various teaching resources based on the Internet, multimedia, radio and television platforms. In addition, we will lead foreign friends to participate more in the life of local people in Chengdu, starting from food, housing, transportation and play, so that they can enjoy the wonderful journey of learning Chinese in Chengdu.

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