How does the MDF bend

How does the MDF bend?

At present, the plate market, medium density board because of its continuous improvement of production technology and occupies a large share of the plate market, home decoration market is also more and more widely used. The most commonly used areas of MDB straight board are door panels, desktops and so on. However, bending MDB panels can also be used in special processes, such as partition cabinets used in decoration and so on. The bending process of medium density board makes it popular in home decoration industry. So, how does the MDF bend?

In fact, the bending process of MDP is not complicated, but mainly depends on the mastery of the temperature. The bending process generally adopts the back grooving method. The back groove depth is about 2 mm away from the surface, and the groove spacing can be increased or decreased according to the curvature radius of the bending. In order to prevent the neutral layer from moving outward when the plate is bent, a thin metal plate can be added to its outer surface to avoid cracks on the surface of the MD board. In the process of processing, the two ends of the MD board should be fixed to prevent the position from moving. Adhesives or strips should be filled in the slots to ensure the strength of the MD board.


In the bending process of MDP, it is necessary to increase the moisture content of MDP to improve the plasticity of MDP. It can also be heated at the same time by the method of pressing with Yin and Yang moulds. The metal plates or moulds can be properly opened so that water vapor can escape. Medium density plates need to be continuously supplemented with water during pressure, but they must be fully dried after bending in order to maintain their bending state. Pressure forming time can be determined according to the radius of curvature and the thickness of the plate. For example, when the water content in the plate increases and the pressure is assisted by the die, the bending time of the 2-5mm thin plate can be completed in a few minutes.

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