How much do you know about HPL

How much do you know about HPL?

With the popularity of fire-proof board in decoration market becoming more and more widespread, many people can not help but curiosity about the paint-free board for veneer decoration, so today we will know what kind of board people say “fire-proof board” is.

Fireproof board HPL

Fire-proof board, scientific name is thermosetting resin impregnated high-pressure laminated board, abbreviated as HPL in English. The fireproof board in the market is also called fireproof board, which is a kind of decorative veneer board. It is a refractory building material for decorative surface. It has rich surface color and pattern and is widely used in interior decoration.

As today’s protagonist, the following four dimensions are introduced: composition, surface style, application and performance.

I. Composition

Material composition: The material composition of fireproof board can be divided into three layers from top to bottom: wear-resistant layer, decorative colored paper and kraft paper.

Wear Resistant Layer

It is the most superficial layer of fireproof board.

Effective wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and other important properties.

Extend the service life of sheet metal.

Decorative colored paper

It is the material that decides the style of fire-proof board.

It has strong printability and many styles.

Kraft paper

It is the main component material of fire-proof board, and its thickness is also controlled by it.

High strength, usually yellowish brown.

Fire-proof board is made of surface wear-resistant paper, high-grade imported decorative colored paper and multi-layer kraft paper, which are impregnated with resin glue, dried and processed under high temperature and pressure.

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