How to choose high quality natural woodveneer

How to choose high quality natural woodveneer?




Natural woodveneer is widely used because of its environmental protection and ease of use. What should we pay attention to when choosing and purchasing high-quality natural woodveneer?


When choosing natural woodveneer, we should pay attention to the following six items:




  1. Look carefully at the grain and color of theveneer. The grain is clear, the hole is natural, and the naturalveneer with smooth color is generally preferred to theveneer.


  1. Careful inspection of the transparency of theveneer, generally speaking, for thinveneer, the better the transparency of theveneer, the worse the quality. The skin is easy to penetrate the bottom.










  1. Check carefully whether there are any obvious damages and scratches or knife wounds on the surface of theveneer. Note that theveneer with obvious damages and scratches or knife wounds generally belongs to inferior or unqualified products.


  1. Because of the complexity of the natural woodveneer process and the high requirements for dyeing technology and related process equipment and site management, the investigation of the quality of natural woodveneer can not only serve as a reference from the market product model, but also have the opportunity to further understand and consult with the relevant manufacturers in order to ensure the long-term stability of product quality. Rest assured of the effect of supply.


  1. Pay attention to the inspection of production cycle and service capability of products. Generally speaking, the production cycle of natural woodveneer is more than one month. Powerful manufacturers have the ability to plan production and efficient service as a whole. They can shorten the production cycle of mature products to 15 days to 20 days, and the supply cycle can be controlled to 3-10 days left. Right, so as to provide you with a strong guarantee of service.
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