How to choose mahogany veneer

How to choose mahogany veneer

In the home furnishing market, mahogany veneer is a kind of popular veneer. What should we pay attention to when choosing mahogany veneer? Here are some tips from mahogany veneer manufacturers:

1. According to the selection of logs, the better the logs are, the thinner the veneer is. If you want to choose high-quality mahogany skin, first of all, you need to see whether the wood of the log to be peeled is good enough. In this way, high-quality veneer can be peeled.

2. Choose the dry veneer. The moisture content of the dried mahogany core veneer is generally between 8% and 12%. This kind of veneer is not only of good quality, but also can reduce the weight during transportation, which is more convenient for transportation.

3. The size stability, moisture resistance and mechanical strength of the veneer impregnated with mahogany core veneer were significantly improved.

The above are some practical skills summarized by the peach blossom core wood skin manufacturer for you, hoping to play a guiding role in your actual purchase.

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