How to Control the Hot Pressing Temperature of Multilayer Plywood

How to Control the Hot Pressing Temperature of Multilayer Plywood

In the process of processing, Shandong multi-layer Plywood manufacturers must strictly control each process, and hot-pressing temperature is one of the important ones.

If the hot pressing temperature is higher than the required curing temperature, the hot pressing time can be shortened, but the temperature difference and internal stress of the slab are larger. Under the same pressure conditions, the compression rate and deformation of the slab also increase, and the phenomenon of glue decomposition and brittleness of the glue layer may occur. All kinds of adhesives have certain curing temperature. If the hot-pressing temperature of multilayer board is lower than the curing temperature required by it, the gluing effect is slow and the hot-pressing time is prolonged, resulting in the decrease of bonding strength and even degumming defects. The main function of temperature in hot-pressing bonding of multilayer board is to accelerate the solidification of protein or the condensation reaction of synthetic resin glue in order to complete the bonding, and at the same time, to evaporate excess water in the slab to reach the prescribed moisture content.

In a word, it is necessary to control accurately the hot pressing temperature of multilayer board, which is very important for its quality and avoid unnecessary troubles.

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