How to develop high-quality plywood suppliers by purchasing expert

How to develop high-quality plywood suppliers by purchasing expert?

The development of plywood supplier is one of the most important work of plywood purchasing expert, because plywood supplier is a resource, the quality of plywood supplier is the quality of plywood purchasing expert, which shows the importance of plywood supplier development.


Development is the main theme

It is believed that most of the plywood purchasing experts agree that developing plywood suppliers is one of the most important tasks in the whole plywood purchasing expert work. Even the most important work.

Why is it so important?

The practice of plywood purchasing expert shows that only by developing high-quality plywood suppliers, we can solve the problems of delivery time, quality, cost and R & D.

However, we still have the supply chain system of most plywood enterprises, which is very strange. There are more quality personnel than plywood purchasing expert. There are a large inspection team and SQE team. The annual KPI even guides the plywood supplier to improve how many times.

Does it work?

Practice shows that the effect is very little.

In theory, a high-quality plywood supplier does not need the inspection of plywood purchasing expert, the guidance of plywood purchasing expert, the expediting time of plywood purchasing expert, the cost reduction of plywood purchasing expert, and the R & D promotion of plywood purchasing expert.


Because the high-quality plywood supplier is always more professional than the plywood purchasing expert party itself, and the plywood purchasing expert party, as the user, only feeds back the user’s experience. As a manufacturer and supplier of plywood products, high-quality plywood suppliers should have solved the problems before a series of problems occurred to the plywood purchasing expert.

Note that the author emphasizes high quality plywood suppliers, not all plywood suppliers.

Therefore, the development of high-quality plywood suppliers is the main theme of plywood purchasing expert work, and we should never expect our quality personnel and SQE personnel to help poor plywood suppliers develop into good plywood suppliers.


How to develop it?

How to develop high quality plywood suppliers?

From the following three aspects to do some elaboration.

First, go deep into the scene. In the process of developing plywood suppliers, we should not be lazy and save time. We must make more comparisons and go deep into the field investigation. In my opinion, many of our plywood purchasing expert is not without comparison, but just in the “in-depth” and “on-site” two aspects of the problem.

The so-called “in-depth” is not a casual view and then eating and drinking.

The so-called scene is not to watch PPT, not to watch the propaganda video of plywood enterprises. But we have to go to the workshop, to the warehouse, to the laboratory, to the toilet, to see these places, and basically make a high decision.

In particular, if a company can’t manage the toilet well, the company must not be the high-quality plywood supplier we need. On the details of looking at the toilet, the president of the Chinese plywood purchasing expert business school has repeatedly reminded us of the plywood purchasing expert on different occasions.

Secondly, the goods are compared with many other companies. Many plywood enterprises have made it mandatory for plywood purchasing expert personnel to compare three suppliers when developing plywood suppliers. As a result, many of our plywood purchasing expert personnel strictly implement this rule – compare 3 companies.

Is three enough?

In my opinion, it is far from enough! Not only is it not enough, but it is also very risky. Because these three may be stakeholders controlled by the same plywood supplier.

Therefore, the author suggests that the development of plywood suppliers can be compared with more than three suppliers, but not limited to three. According to different industries, a certain number of potential plywood suppliers can be identified, which can be 3, 30 or even 300. Then, through the method of audition, the three most suitable plywood suppliers are selected. There must be a big difference between comparing the results of more than one and only comparing the results of only three.

In short, there is no shortage of plywood suppliers for plywood purchasing expert. What is lacking is the effort of plywood purchasing expert in developing plywood suppliers.

Third, the first three rules. What are the first three laws?

Before looking for plywood suppliers, first look at the industry data and find out the top ten manufacturers in the industry, who are they respectively. The first three here are just a concept. According to the scale of our plywood enterprises, if the plywood enterprises are large, we should find the top three manufacturers, while the plywood enterprises should be small. We should look for the top five manufacturers, and then we should find the top ten manufacturers.

Then someone will ask, what if the top ten don’t pay attention to us?


Isn’t there an important skill called plywood purchasing expert?

Now information and big data are so developed that in any industry, any product, whether it is parts or OEM products, we can understand the situation of the industry before we start to develop. If we don’t know the situation of the industry and blindly compare the goods to three companies, it must be too bad to require quality concession, SQE guidance and plywood purchasing expert to urge delivery.


Development practice

In the practice of plywood purchasing expert, when we are looking for some excellent plywood enterprises in the industry to establish cooperation, we often encounter this situation, and the other party replies: no cooperation!

Why not cooperate? Your plywood business is too small. I haven’t heard of your plywood company. You are too far away. wait. In short, it was rejected.

In this case, most of our plywood purchasing expert’s approach is simple and crude: give up directly. Because as a plywood purchasing expert, I can’t stand this anger. Usually, only the buyer refuses the seller. Where does the seller refuse the buyer?

Therefore, encountered such plywood enterprises, the author suggests that we must try to establish cooperation with each other. At this time, it is necessary to play the spirit and courage of perseverance as a salesman. He was turned down, and he was asked. No, we can’t. If we go to a higher person in charge or even the boss, the person in front of us may be just a salesman or even a receptionist. He works according to the company’s articles of association, but no boss of a plywood enterprise refuses to do business.

What to do if you find the boss?


At this time, our identity is not the general plywood purchasing expert personnel, we are the plenipotentiary representative of the buyer.

Some people will ask, what can we do if we can’t talk about it?

Go on! At this point, we can find our leaders and even the big boss.

Practice has proved that most of the plywood suppliers obtained in this way are high-quality plywood suppliers.

The author has been rejected more than five times when developing a new product plywood supplier. The reason for rejection is simple: we don’t do OEM! In fact, we do not do OEM.

However, our plywood enterprise plans to make a breakthrough in this category. In the previous project, we suffered enough because of the quality problems of the old plywood suppliers. Therefore, this time, we have a very clear goal of selecting plywood suppliers, that is, to find one of the top brand plywood enterprises in China.

After being rejected for five times, I was confident, because in the process of communication, I also found out the pain points of the other party’s plywood enterprises. They planned to go public in the next three years, eager to increase the sales scale, but their own sales channels tend to be saturated. With this information in hand, I took the director of plywood products to visit their chairman directly.

The result was more smooth than expected, and the cooperation relationship was quickly established. Because of the excellent physical fitness of plywood suppliers, we not only saved the product quickly, but also quickly became the sales champion of subdivision channels in just two years.

As an excellent plywood purchasing expert, never stop the development and exploration of high-quality plywood suppliers.

Of course, the development methods I refined are extremely limited, and there are still many plywood supplier development methods that need to be practiced and summarized by all plywood purchasing experts.

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