How to develop high quality plywood suppliers for plywood buyers

How to develop high quality plywood suppliers for plywood buyers?

Many new plywood purchasers are confused: they are not familiar with the company’s process when they are just entering the plywood purchasing industry; they don’t know how to find the right plywood supplier; how to purchase the products suitable for their own company; when they are just employed, they don’t know how to arrange the time; how to work more efficiently, these are the concerns of new plywood buyers And confusion. Let’s talk about how to develop high quality plywood suppliers.

In the management of plywood suppliers, it is very important to select plywood suppliers. Therefore, the selection of plywood suppliers directly affects the production and sales of enterprises, and has a great impact on enterprises. A good plywood supplier is one that has the processing technology to produce high-quality products, has sufficient productivity, and is able to provide competitive products at the same time of making profits. Therefore, it is of great significance to select excellent plywood suppliers to enhance the overall competitiveness of the supply chain. So, where is its importance? As a plywood buyer, how to develop high quality plywood suppliers?

How to select and develop high quality plywood suppliers?

First of all, you should know: a good plywood supplier should have the following main bodies:

A. Excellent enterprise leaders: with excellent leaders, enterprises can develop healthily and stably;

B. High quality management cadres: with high-quality and capable management cadres, the management of enterprises is efficient and full of vitality (Cui Sheng is a good example, leading our factory from a traditional management mode to a modern management form, so taiqiang pays more attention to efficiency than before, and taiqiang has more vitality);

C. Stable staff group: the stability of enterprise employees can ensure the stability of product quality. The production and quality of employees with excessive liquidity will be affected (our factory will not lay off employees this year);

D. Good machinery and equipment: its product quality can be more guaranteed;

E. Good plywood Technology: with high-quality cadres and good management, as well as good plywood technicians with innovation, the production and quality are more guaranteed, and the material cost is declining;

F. Good management system: scientific incentive mechanism, smooth management channels, sound management systems can give full play to people’s enthusiasm, so as to ensure that the plywood supplier is excellent, its quality is excellent, and its service is first-class.

Secondly, we can select and develop high-quality plywood suppliers based on the investigation of such plywood suppliers

The investigation of plywood suppliers mainly includes the following contents

A. Management level;

B. Professional plywood technical ability;

C. Machinery and equipment conditions;

D. Material supply status;

E. Quality control ability;

F. Management standard system.

Third, plywood supplier development steps:

The main development steps of plywood suppliers are as follows:

① Material classification

A. According to the composition or performance of materials, such as: plastic, hardware, electronic, chemical, packaging and so on.

B. Plywood supplier information: according to the classification of materials, collect manufacturers of various materials, about 2-3 for each type of products, and fill in the manufacturer data sheet.

② Plywood supplier investigation: according to the list of plywood supplier information card, the plywood purchasing department will fax the plywood supplier questionnaire to the plywood supplier to fill in.

③ Set up plywood supplier evaluation team: the deputy general manager is the team leader, and the plywood purchasing and quality department manager, supervisor and engineer constitute the evaluation group.

④ Survey evaluation: a. According to the feedback questionnaire, it is classified according to the scale, production capacity and other basic indicators, and the evaluation team selects personnel to conduct field investigation according to the standards listed in the plywood supplier questionnaire.

C. This survey item is filled in the questionnaire truthfully. Then, the evaluation team makes a comprehensive evaluation, classifies and records the qualified manufacturers in order.

⑤ Sample delivery or small batch test.

A. The qualified manufacturers can inform to send samples or purchase plywood in small batch. Those who pass the sample inspection or test can be formally listed in the list of qualified plywood suppliers, and the unqualified ones can be listed as the alternate sequence.

B. After that, plywood can only be purchased from qualified plywood suppliers, and the list should be reviewed when payment is made. The unqualified plywood supplier should be reported to the superior.

⑥ Price comparison and negotiation: evaluate the quality grade of the qualified materials in sample delivery or small batch, and conduct price comparison and negotiation to determine an optimal price performance ratio.

⑦ Plywood supplier guidance: the company shall provide guidance on management, plywood technology and quality for plywood suppliers listed in the list of qualified plywood suppliers.

⑧ Follow up assessment

A. Make statistics on the delivery date, quantity, quality and after-sales service of plywood suppliers every month, and draw a chart.

B. Comprehensive assessment and scoring shall be conducted once every quarter or half a year.

C. According to the score, it can be divided into excellent, good, general and poor grades.

⑨ Selection of plywood suppliers

A. For poor plywood suppliers, they should be eliminated and put on the waiting list for reevaluation.

B. For general plywood suppliers, we should reduce the amount of plywood procurement and focus on counseling.

C. For excellent plywood suppliers, the purchase quantity of plywood should be increased.

In addition to the above, plywood purchasers should also know more about the performance, quality and even use of the materials required by the company; know which plywood suppliers, agents and good traders of this brand are available at home or abroad, so as to ensure their understanding and assurance of the products, and increase their negotiation with plywood suppliers Chips. At the same time, let yourself chat with the boss, more topics. Think about it. If you say more about a material than the boss knows, and the industry information is better than he knows, you will soon be in a state of promotion. The more you do, the more energetic you will be!

I always believe that whether you are successful or not in your work or in your life, it is important to see whether your goal is clear and how proactive you are in achieving your goals. If on the road to the ideal, you pay more than ordinary people, and firmly believe that one day will be successful!

What is the importance of plywood supplier selection and development?

The selection of plywood suppliers is a very important work in plywood procurement, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

A. Plywood supplier supplies materials smoothly: production will not be stopped due to material shortage;

B. Stability of feed quality: ensure the stability of production quality;

C. The conformity of delivery quantity: make the company’s production quantity accurate (warehouse data is not only counted by warehouse personnel);

D. Delivery accuracy: ensure the accuracy of the company’s delivery date;

E. Coordination of various work: good cooperation, the work of both sides is progressing smoothly.

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