How to Distinguish Fireproof Skin HPL from Fireproof Skin HPL

How to Distinguish Fireproof Skin HPL from Fireproof Skin HPL

The brand of fire-proof leather in the market is full of people. What kind of fire-proof leather is a good fire-proof board?

1. Fireproof leather has many advantages, such as fireproof, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, and so on, so it is loved by more and more consumers. There are more and more fire-proof board products on the market, but the phenomenon of rough manufacturing and sub-optimal is not uncommon.

2. When choosing fire-proof skin, pay attention to check whether the fire-proof board has product trademark, industry test report, Product Factory certificate, etc. If not, it is recommended not to buy. Check the product test report carefully to see whether the product performance indicators are qualified, especially pay attention to check the product combustion grade in the test report, the higher the combustion grade, the better the fire resistance of the product.

3. Because the fire-proof skin is pressed by high temperature and high pressure for a long time, if the temperature is not enough or the pressure is not enough or the pressure time is not long enough, it is easy to cause bubbles on the surface of the fire-proof board, so when identifying, it is necessary to see whether there are bubbles on the whole board surface, whether there are bumps or not, whether the color and texture of the whole board are the same, whether there are color differences and whether there are flaws. And so on, the fireproof board should be a product with clear and thorough pattern, no color difference, smooth surface and wear resistance.

4. Waterproof skin thickness is generally 0.5-1.6 mm, conventional veneer selection of 1 mm thickness is OK. It is the high quality fire-proof board whose thickness is up to the standard and the thickness is the same, so it is necessary to measure whether the thickness of fire-proof board is uniform when choosing and identifying fire-proof board.

5. Feel the authenticity of the relief with your hands. Third, smell the temperature. If glue is used too much, there will be stimulating temperature such as formaldehyde.

6. Request from the manufacturer all aspects of product testing reports, for sheet strength, toughness, moisture content and other written reports.

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