How to distinguish the quality of building formwork film faced plywood 

How to distinguish the quality of building formwork film faced plywood

The quality of building formwork film faced plywood  is directly related to the engineering quality and cost, so it is important to master the method of identifying the quality of building formwork film faced plywood  . Template turnover 3-25 times, for you to provide the following identification methods:

1: Look at the texture and color of the building film faced plywood

The texture of good building formwork film faced plywood  is regular, whereas the texture of poor quality building formwork is disorderly. High-quality building formwork film faced plywood  should have natural tone and clear wood grain. For example, the surface of building formwork film faced plywood  is dark and the paint layer is thicker. It may be intentional to cover up the surface defects of building formwork, especially when building formwork film faced plywood  is six-sided.

2: Testing the adhesive force of glue

Saw the building formwork film faced plywood   into long strips with a width of 3CM to see if the wood fibers in the middle are delaminated and torn apart. If the wood fibers in the inner surface of the two boards are evenly distributed on both sides, the glue has a high viscous force.

3: Inspection of faults and holes

Saw the building formwork film faced plywood   and see the middle. If the fault and the hollow core are large, bulging and cracking will easily occur. There are obvious voids for the debris, with clear layers, and no obvious voids for the whole material, so the turnover times of the template are higher.

4: Look at the smoothness of the film faced plywood  surface

The surface of building formwork film faced plywood  should be smooth, without obvious wormholes, cracks, short rulers and scars, so that the appearance of concrete after demolition can be neat and beautiful.

5: Boiling check gluing force

Boiling is the most direct way to identify the quality of building formwork film faced plywood  . Saw the building formwork into small pieces and boil it in a pressure cooker. There is no specific requirement for boiling time in the industry standard. Usually the standard we require is to boil for more than 3 hours without glue. Of course, the longer the boiling time, the better the quality of the template.

6: Check film faced plywood  scar

Scar can be divided into Easter and Death. As a natural product, it is impossible to have knots without knots. The rational distribution of knots will make wood products more beautiful. Excellent products are not allowed to exist defective knots. The state stipulates that all loose knots with diameter less than 3 mm and dead knots with diameter less than 2 mm without falling off and very dense knots are not defective knots.

7: Use waterproof glue in building formwork film faced plywood

There are usually phenolic resin glue, melamine glue and urea-formaldehyde glue (white glue) for building formwork film faced plywood  . The phenolic resin glue has the best waterproofing performance, the urea-formaldehyde glue is the worst, the good surface is clean and bright, the hand feel is fine, and the poor color is gray.

8: How much roll glue?

Look at the size of the glue coating machine, not the bigger the better, too big or too small is not good, generally no manufacturer glue coating too large, generally too thin, involving costs.

9: Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the bark used

The whole core is selected as the inner film faced plywood  with good quality, and fur, bark and hollow board are selected as the inner template with unstable structure and low price. Choose a template randomly, one end is high and the other end is bottom. People stand on it and tread on it constantly to see how the flexibility of the board is. If the template has obvious cracking sound, it shows that the template is not a whole core material.

10: See if there’s a sun drying yard.

See if the building formwork  film faced plywood  manufacturer has enough floors to cover the purchased veneer. Generally, the moisture content of the bark purchased by manufacturers is between 14-25%. Because of considering the factors such as site, capital, cost and so on, many manufacturers produce directly without drying board. Some manufacturers turn the bark over again to reduce the humidity of the bark by 8-12%, which makes the building formwork more durable.

11: Look at the pressure of building formwork film faced plywood  production

When we go to the factory to inspect, we can see how much pressure is exerted by the hot press. Generally, the manufacturer plays 9 MPa to 20 mpa, and also depends on the size of the oil roof of the press. Because the pressure is calculated according to unit area and 20 pressures are exerted by two 360 oil roofs. The force is 3.14*0.18*0.18*20=2.03472 units, while 14 pressures are exerted by two 320 oil roofs.* 0.16 * 0.16 * 14 = 1.125376 units, which is almost twice as much as the second type. Therefore, when the first type of pressure is used to press the second type of pressure, the 12mm plate will press to only 11mm. The surface of the formwork with high pressure is bright, smooth and even. On the contrary, the surface of the formwork is gray, rough and uneven. The turnaround times of 14-centimeter building formwork pressed with 20 MPa are the same as those of 15-centimeter or even 16-centimeter formwork produced by some manufacturers.

Through the above identification methods, we can basically identify the quality of a building film faced plywood .

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