How to distinguish the quality of Particleboard

How to distinguish the quality of Particleboard

1. Looking from the appearance, the size and shape of sawdust particles at the center of the cross-section are generally suitable for the length of 5110MM. The structure is too long and loose, and the deformation resistance is too short, so the so-called static bending strength is not up to the standard.

2. The moisture-proof property of wood-based panels depends on their density and moisture-proof agent. Soaking in water is no better than soaking in water. Moisture-proof means moisture-proof, not water-proof. Therefore, it should be distinguished in future use. The moisture content of plates in northern areas, including North China, Northwest China and Northeast China, should generally be controlled at 6-18%; in southern areas, including coastal areas, it should be controlled at 8-10%. Otherwise, the sheet is easy to absorb moisture and deform.

3. Surface smoothness, smoothness point of view, generally when leaving the factory to go through about 200 # sandpaper polishing, generally fine up and down is good, but in some cases, such as sticking fire-proof board, too thin to bad hanging glue.

Of course, for the sake of more insurance, it is suggested that when consumers purchase particleboard products that need to be used in home decoration and decoration, it is better to choose some brand enterprises with good reputation to purchase products with assurance.

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