How to identify inferior wood-based panels

How to identify inferior wood-based panels

I think everyone knows the importance of plate for home decoration very well, but not everyone knows how to correctly distinguish the quality of plate. From a professional point of view, we will teach you how to identify inferior plates.

Some shortcomings of inferior sheet panels:

1. Insufficient glue viscosity: easy to open, delaminate, foam, fade easily after painting, black spots on the reverse bottom.

2. Material is mostly corner waste: easy to cause voids, poor bearing capacity, easy to fracture.

3. Most of them are processed from non-drying materials: high moisture content, easy moisture regain and easy deformation.

4. Post-use hazards: affect the quality of construction, cause waste in many ways, the content of harmful substances seriously exceeds the standard, not only affect human health, and even endanger life.

Identification method of inferior panels

1. Touch by hand: poor feel and smoothness; uneven surface and bottom, concave and convex phenomenon.

2. Observation of appearance: generally there is no sanding on the surface, or the sanding process is not good, there is a phenomenon of penetrating the bottom and leaving a thick layer of sanding powder; the color of the panel is not uniform, the pattern of the colored skin is not beautiful and the joint is obvious; there are cracks and permeability on the surface and the bottom of the board; the overall thickness is not uniform and the edges are curved and the layers are not clear.

3. Weight comparison: Compared with high-quality products of similar materials, the weight is much lighter.

4. Listen to its voice: the sound of knocking and impact of inferior products, the unclear and silent of inferior plates.

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