How to Identify the Quality of Melamine Substrate platform

How to Identify the Quality of Melamine Substrate platform

China Melamine substrates are different from traditional boards such as blockboard,MDF,Particle board,OSB and plywood,HDF. In addition to their wood properties, they are more environmentally friendly. However, there is a gap in the grade of this kind of sheet. The quality of veneer and base material directly determines the effect of the sheet.

No matter how to change the concept, melamine substrates are based on wood as the basic material, so the first thing to judge the quality is to understand the selection of substrates. There is a big gap between domestic and imported wood cores in grade. Different wood has great differences in hardness, moisture content and processability. Therefore, high-quality wood is used as the base material of the board, and the quality is usually guaranteed. Melamine substrate, as the name implies, veneer occupies a considerable proportion, veneer mainly refers to melamine paper, imported veneer paper is usually ink paper, color close to logs and not easy to fade, and domestic veneer paper is usually pulp paper, in the effect and durability are slightly worse.

With the best materials, it is difficult to produce high-quality melamine substrates. Consideration of the process is the key point. The most direct way to distinguish technology is to look at the flatness of sheet metal. Good technology will inevitably bring small errors. Flatness is obvious. Secondly, it depends on whether there are defects on the surface of sheet metal, such as dry flowers, wet flowers, crystallization or mildew spots, etc. Defect control is an important aspect of sheet metal production. In addition, to see whether the specifications are uniform or not, we can also see the technological gap. Of course, the melamine substrates may also cause deformation in the course of transportation. In order to judge the quality of the plates, we should also consider various kinds of force majeure.

Now major manufacturers are trying to improve the production process of sheet metal, excellent wood is also imported, it can be said that the whole industry is steadily improving, the quality of domestic melamine substrates has reached a new level.

Melamine MDF is denser than plywood and stronger than chipboard, making melamine panels ideal for renovations and furniture manufacturing.

Melamine faced boards have a laminated layer on their surface, giving an attractive finish, making them ideal in applications needing an aesthetic solution in same

Melamine Faced MDF is a brilliant, and cost effective, alternative to the use of solid wood timber and one which is highly recommended, especially to those working on a tight budget.

Color:It can be supplies in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures, including popular wood-grain appearance and with today’s digital technologies, Melamine Faced MDF products can both look and feel like solid-wood alternatives.

MDF Specifications

Glue: E0,E1, E2

Thickness: 1.8MM,  –25mm

Density: 680-800kGS/M3

Moisture content: 4%-12%

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