How to identify the quality of plywood

How to identify the quality of plywood

In addition to appearance, internal quality is more important in selecting plywood. Plywood also known as “plywood”, there are three plywood, five plywood, seven plywood. Generally speaking, making furniture with ash, basswood, Liu An three plywood is good. The following points should be grasped when selecting.

(1) There is a difference between the positive and negative sides of the splint. When selecting, the plywood should have clear wood grain, smooth and smooth front surface, not rough and flat. The texture should be consistent, such as cloud pattern, wind pattern, rope pattern, landscape pattern and so on.

(2) Plywood shall be free from defects such as damage, damage, insect grains, row pin holes, dead joints, burr and groove marks.

(3) Plywood has no degumming phenomenon;

(4) Some plywood is made of two different patterns of veneer glued together, so attention should be paid to the selection of plywood joints should be tight, no uneven phenomenon. In particular, do not have two different lines on a plywood, otherwise it will hinder the rational use, cause waste and affect the beauty of furniture.

(5) When selecting the splint, attention should be paid to the selection of the splint that does not disperse glue. A wooden stick of about 50cm can be used to lift the plywood and gently knock on all parts. The sound is symmetrical and crisp. If the “shell” is hoarse, it is likely that the internal quality defects caused by degumming or bubbling are caused. This kind of board can only be used as lining plate or top and bottom plate, and cannot be used as fabric.

(6) When selecting plywood, attention should be paid to the coordination of wood color and furniture paint color. Generally, Fraxinus mandshurica and Tilia plywood paint light yellow, water chestnut color furniture can, but Liu’an plywood has the difference of depth, light color painting has no problem, but dark color can only make water chestnut color furniture, and not suitable for light yellow furniture, otherwise the color of furniture will be dark. Although the dark color can be washed with ammonia, the light yellow furniture is not ideal after treatment. After several years of use, the color of the furniture will still change color.

(7) In the regular plywood board surface angle, generally has the grade mark, may make the reference.



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