How to import plywood furniture and what documents do you need?

How to import plywood furniture and what documents do you need?

In recent years, we have made many lists of imported furniture, including new furniture (teak furniture, mahogany furniture, ebony furniture), old furniture (Britain, Netherlands, Belgium are more), oil painting works of art and other sporadic operations.

Documents are relatively simple, mainly providing the following documents

Certificate of Origin (not necessary, but sometimes the Customs has to check the origin. Certificate of Origin can make sure everything is right).

Plant Inspection Certificate (with the best, semi-finished furniture must have, finished furniture can also be further processed instructions)


Packing list

Maritime Bill of Lading

The general process of furniture import is similar to that of general merchandise. The main task is to do import customs clearance and commercial inspection. Many customers ask if they need fumigation certificate. Actually… In Shanghai imported logs do not need fumigation certificate, I do not know why imported finished furniture will think whether it needs fumigation certificate, it may be online information is more numerous, easy to be misled. At this time, it is very important to find our customs clearance company which has regular operation related products and rich experience. Haha, can save a lot of hidden costs and avoid many risks!

In fact, the main concern is whether the material of wooden furniture is endangered. As far as we are concerned, the Customs has paid more and more attention to this area. In the past, chairs on wooden shelves now have to declare the material and surface materials of wooden frames separately. It should be to judge whether the material is endangered. If you are not very clear, let me have the Latin name of the following materials from abroad. I will give you some professional advice.

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