How to inspect and investigate plywood factories

How to inspect and investigate plywood factories?

To investigate a manufacturer’s credit standing, the best way to reflect the real situation is their customers and suppliers. You can visit these units. At the same time, we should pay attention to the management and implementation of the factory, as well as the quality of employees, especially the ideological awareness of decision makers. There are several steps to evaluate reputation:

1. Work out what you want to investigate and make a questionnaire.

2. Ask the plywood factory to provide a list of their customers. Note that it’s not the kind they prepared in advance. In that case, it may be the trust the manufacturer is looking for. It’s better to ask for their sales list, delivery list, delivery list, etc. you can extract or copy all the lists. Be careful not to select the customers you will visit in front of the manufacturer’s personnel, otherwise they may be informed in advance).

3. When you ask for the list, you can inspect their performance and raw material quality on the pretext that they will take the initiative. If you directly tell them to visit according to the list, they may refuse it on the basis of business secrets.

4. According to the list, randomly select a number of customers in the past three years, and the number is the same every year. Pay attention to the confidentiality of this investigation object.

5. When visiting these investigation objects, it’s better to talk with them. It’s best that you can go as the manufacturer’s after-sales service identity, because in this way, the investigation objects will not exclude you from making records, and will try to reflect the existing problems as much as possible, which is more objective. The main content of the conversation with customers is the quality of the goods, whether the after-sales service is timely, whether the products are updated, and the implementation of the contract. The main content of the conversation with suppliers is whether the payment is timely, whether there is any reason to return the goods or sign the contract without realizing the purchase, etc.

6. At last, I will write an analysis report to your leaders, and write down the information reflected by the objects of investigation truthfully and objectively.

7. Last but not least, when you go to this factory as a partner inspector, they will certainly be very warm-hearted, and you should be careful. Too close, your judgment will not be objective. As the saying goes, it’s soft to eat (as long as you don’t eat too much, don’t eat too much, don’t eat too much, and don’t eat again); it’s too impersonal, so it’s difficult for you to carry out work, especially their front-line employees dare not contact you, and even affect the cooperation between your two units in the future.

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