How to Inspect Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

How to Inspect Flame Retardant Medium Density Plate

Flame retardant MDF is also called fire retardant density board, fire retardant fiberboard and fire retardant fiberboard. The performance of flame retardant density board varies greatly with the variety of raw materials and manufacturing process.

1. Appearance

Flame retardant MDF usually dyes the fibers red by adding red dyes. Ordinary MDF is the color of wood, light yellow appearance, the color of all pine MDF is yellower, the color of loose miscellaneous MDF is darker.

2. Physical and Mechanical Properties

A. Flame retardant density plate is produced by adding flame retardant mixture on the basis of ordinary medium fibre board. Because the increase of flame retardant will increase the density of the board, if the material composition of the base board is not reduced, the density of the flame retardant density board will be relatively higher.

B. Because of the addition of flame retardant, in order to make the internal bonding and water absorption and expansion of the board meet the national standard of medium density fiberboard (GB-T-11718-2009), the use of glue will be increased in the production process of the board.

C. No matter how the properties of the sheets change, the basic physical and mechanical properties of the sheets can not be changed. All the related functional sheets such as flame retardant sheets must first achieve the conventional physical and mechanical properties of ordinary medium-fibre sheets. Especially internal bonding and water swelling, some low internal bonding and large water swelling will seriously affect the quality of sheet materials, and serious engineering quality problems will be caused.

3. Acceptance Method of Flame Retardant Sheet

The acceptance method of common sheet metal pays attention to the thickness deviation of sheet metal and the formaldehyde emission of environmental protection. In addition to the basic acceptance method of common sheet metal, another important functional index has been neglected by quality inspectors for flame retardant sheet metal.

If acceptance of flame retardant properties of flame retardant sheets, a simple method can be used to burn, the apparent results will gradually spontaneous combustion extinguishing and carburization. One is to see the test report, the national standard is GB8624-2012 B1-C level, formaldehyde is 18580 E1 level.

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