How to judge the excellence of pine veneer

How to judge the excellence of pine veneer

How do wood experts judge whether pine veneer is excellent? The specific methods are as follows:

1. The density and wood density are large. After the surface is polished, it has a strong refraction force on the light, and the glossiness of the wood surface is naturally higher. The Chinese classical furniture made of this kind of wood has a more profound sense of history and conforms to the aesthetic concept of the domestic people.

2. Texture, a kind of wood texture that is invisible, unpredictable and like flowing water.

3. Color. In the south of China, most consumer groups like furniture with big red and purple colors. The furniture made of high-density black wood, due to its unique elegance and solemnity, has a good consumer market in the vast area north of the Yangtze River and is deeply loved by consumers. With the passage of time, high-grade black wood furniture has gradually been appreciated by consumers in East China.

4. The oily feeling of wood is made of various wood products with oily feeling. The surface is smooth and delicate, which makes people love it!

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