How to manage dominating plywood suppliers

How to manage dominating plywood suppliers

We are engaged in supply chain management, looks very beautiful, after all, you are to send money to plywood suppliers, representing the supreme customer status, but we only know how challenging our work is. As a SQE, who has not been red faced with his own internal production, who has not yelled at the plywood supplier, and who has been doing business discussion with your third rate plywood supplier in a polite manner all day?

If we encounter a weak plywood supplier, we can yell and yell, and the other party is also wary, but the quality is not well controlled. SQE will inevitably be challenged by internal production, and even attack at the monthly quality meeting, we can only follow the orders with fear and smile. Then I thought to myself: Damn some plywood supplier, I want to blow up your factory!

In fact, sometimes it’s not the weak plywood suppliers that are even more critical. The weak plywood suppliers are weak in quality and strong in cooperation. What should we do if we meet with dominating plywood suppliers? Without sufficient evidence and assurance, if you ask him to rectify, he says that he has their system; if you ask him to select, he says that the problem is not theirs; if you ask him to cooperate, he says that they have no extra staff.

In today’s economic globalization, the relationship between plywood suppliers and enterprises is no longer a simple business relationship. As a valuable resource of enterprises, plywood suppliers have been paid more and more attention by enterprises. The competition among enterprises has extended to the competition of excellent plywood suppliers. To ensure the quality of products, enterprises must strengthen the quality management of plywood suppliers.

Generally speaking, the quality management of plywood suppliers will be based on a premise: the enterprise is domiciling, while the plywood supplier is in a weak position, the plywood supplier is willing to get the help of the enterprise, and the enterprise can assist the plywood supplier to improve the quality through guidance, etc. However, is it possible for enterprises to be in a weak position while plywood suppliers are in dominating situation? The answer is yes.

Generally, the plywood related to the key parts of the product should be manufactured by the enterprise itself rather than provided by the external plywood supplier, otherwise the enterprise may lose its competitive advantage. However, for the production-oriented enterprises, only some external manufacturers have the technology and ability to produce some key plywood products. These key plywood suppliers often have advantages in brand, technology and market share. In order to produce products, enterprises must accept these dominating plywood suppliers.

In order to ensure the quality of products, enterprises still have to carry out quality management on these dominating plywood suppliers who provide key plywood. How to deal with the relationship between plywood suppliers and how to manage the quality of these plywood suppliers? Let’s have a good chat.

Definition and characteristics of dominating plywood supplier

(1) Definition of dominating plywood supplier

Generally speaking, the plywood supplier we talk about refers to the enterprise that provides plywood products or related services. Dominating plywood supplier is a new concept put forward by the author, which means those plywood suppliers who have mastered the production technology of key plywood products and have strong R & D and production capacity.

(2) Characteristics of dominating plywood suppliers

Many of the leading plywood suppliers in the industry, some of them are well-known international enterprises. Taking the production of large-size plywood as an example, the manufacturer of large-size plywood can be regarded as a typical supplier of dominating plywood. In this paper, combined with the relevant situation of large-size plywood suppliers of special size plywood, the characteristics of dominating plywood suppliers are introduced.

1. Plywood provided by dominating plywood suppliers is the key plywood for the products produced by the enterprise.

2. Only a few plywood suppliers can produce key plywood.

Only a few enterprises can produce this kind of key plywood, or there is a big gap in the production capacity of this industry, and only a few have stable production capacity and high quality assurance. Most of the large-scale plywood suppliers are well-known international enterprises.

3. Plywood suppliers have patent technology in this area, forming technical barriers. The production of this key plywood has high technical requirements. These plywood suppliers have patented technology in this respect, forming an indestructible technical barrier.

At present, the special size of plywood is still very difficult to be provided by many plywood factories in China due to its large size and high cost.

4. Dominating plywood suppliers have strong management strength.

Dominating plywood suppliers are either old-fashioned enterprises that have been in the industry for decades or even more than 100 years, or new enterprises that use the latest management technology and scientific methods to manage. In short, they have a very strong strength in management.

(3) Reasons for choosing dominating plywood supplier

At present, there is no mature technology in domestic industry.

Taking the production of large-size plywood as an example, the production technology of this part is high-tech, difficult and high-cost. Therefore, although the special size plywood plays a very important role in the special size plywood plywood, due to the lack of mature technology in the domestic special size plywood industry, most of the special size plywood have not yet been mature At present, it still needs to be provided by several large foreign factories.

2. The production risk of the plywood is high.

The production of special size plywood glass is related to the stability of plywood, the content of additives, standardized technology and various barriers. Each level of error will cause special size plywood irreparable loss. Therefore, although there are many brands of large-size plywood, many manufacturers prefer to buy special size plywood produced by large factories to match the plywood produced by our factory, rather than invest in the production of special size plywood with high risk.

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