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How to produce PVC, PP, pet and PETG film veneers with no bubbles, particles and wavy lines and as thin as 0.18 mm

How to produce PVC, PP, pet and PETG film veneers with no bubbles, particles and wavy lines and as thin as 0.18 mm?

In the era of customized home furnishing, everyone has a pursuit. The home plate should meet various decorative effects, be waterproof, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and have aesthetic feeling, texture and space sense. Veneer decoration is the “dressing needle” of panel furniture, which can quickly meet the needs of different consumers.

Recently, at major high-tech exhibitions, Home Expo and Construction Expo, there is a kind of decorative plate that is particularly conspicuous. The furniture, wallboard and door made of this kind of plate are often bright in color and give a strong visual impact. It is transparent PETG film decorative material.

▲ transparent PETG film facing plate

The production of this kind of plate depends on the film flat pasting technology. The commonly used films are PVC, PP, pet, PETG, etc., which can be applied to density board, multilayer board, aluminum board, calcium silicate board and other boards with rich and colorful effects. But why has the temperature of the transparent veneer gradually increased in the past two years? This has something to do with the technical difficulties of the flat pasting technology.

01 what is the difficulty of film flat pasting technology

Film flat pasting technology involves dust removal, gluing, solvent volatilization, film flat pasting and other aspects. Each link is related to the quality of veneer plate. In particular, the problems of transparent film decoration are more difficult. Specifically, there are the following difficulties:

① Bubbles, orange peel, wire drawing and dust are easy to appear on the surface, and the effect is difficult to control;

② High material price and high cost;

③ Paste transparent film, high gloss and high defective rate;

④ The equipment is difficult to use and there is a lack of technicians.

These problems have hindered the progress of the industry. Therefore, the author visited the market to investigate whether there is a product that can truly solve the above problems.

02 innovative film flat pasting technology and equipment

The full-automatic flat gluing line investigated by the author is a special precision hot melt adhesive coating machine, which is specialized for flat plate gluing and multi-layer plate bonding; PU glue is used for flat pasting of PP, PVC, pet, PETG and other coiled sheets; It is suitable for the production of high gloss veneer plate, the bonding of cabinet and furniture door plate, honeycomb plate and foam plate, etc; It is widely used in building materials, decoration and other industries.

▲ fully automatic flat pasting line

So, what are the characteristics and advantages of the technology and equipment of this production line?

02-1 high quality film products

① No bubble

The gluing system can achieve that the gluing is like a mirror, smooth and delicate; The rolling system can roll evenly and effectively solve the bubble problem.

▲ gluing system

▲ rolling system

② No particles

Innovative design of four dust collection systems, double-sided dust removal, high-temperature dust removal, plate dust collection, film dust collection, all-round and multi angle dust removal, effectively solving the dust problem on the plate surface.

How to produce PETG film veneer with no bubbles, no particles and no wavy lines and as thin as 18 wires? (original)

▲ double sided dust removal

▲ high temperature dust removal

▲ membrane dust collection

③ No waviness

Combined with the mechanical principle, the tension and structure of the film are optimized, and the veneer effect is smooth as a mirror without wavy lines.

02-2 thinner film, lower cost

Breaking through the industry bottleneck, the transparent high gloss PETG film veneer is reduced from 25 filaments commonly used in the industry to 18 filaments thin, with lower cost.

▲ 0.18mm transparent PETG film

02-3 paste transparent film with higher yield

Transparent PETG products, 100 large plates are pasted continuously without pressure, and the daily production capacity is about 800 large plates.

▲ veneered door panel

02-4 efficient system support

① Visualization

The production data such as gluing volume, daily output and monthly output are clear at a glance. Equipment use and maintenance, operation status, and monitoring at any time.

▲ visualization

② Information interaction

Intelligent system, compatible with MES and other production systems, from raw materials to finished products, realizes unmanned production and all information interconnection.

▲ information interaction

02-5 film products are highly competitive

① Large selection space

A variety of pre finishing effects meet personalized needs, meet the needs of large and small orders, reduce equipment investment, and return the capital in half a year.

▲ veneered plate

② Strong market competitiveness

Only by upgrading the product value, upgrading the product appearance, and winning with better base materials can we stand out in the market with serious homogeneity.

▲ veneered plate

③ Large profit margin

The plain board is 60 yuan / sheet, the veneer is 100 yuan / sheet for two times, and the veneer is 200 yuan / sheet for three times, further improving the profit.

▲ veneered plate

03 technical guidance for common film flat pasting

① What is the difference between tape backing adhesive, UV shadow free adhesive and pur adhesive?

The adhesive backing process is UV coating, covering pre curing, and re molding curing.

After a long time, the gloss of the shadow free adhesive will become dim, there will be cracks, the cutting edge may burst, and the pasting strength and durability are slightly poor. The cost of completely avoiding the above problems is high.

Using pur glue, the quick drying effect is good and the adhesive force is good.

▲ pur glue

② What is the current market situation of veneer plate?

Gaoding exhibition in 2020, Shanghai floor exhibition, Guangzhou Home Expo, Linyi custom exhibition, Beijing Building Materials Exhibition and other exhibitions in 2021, pet furniture, pet flooring and pet wallboard have become the main products to be displayed and promoted.

In the 2021 Beijing Building Materials / doors and windows exhibition, pet doors, CPL doors and triamine plate doors are the main ones, among which pet doors and CPL doors account for more than 50%.

All of these can be realized by flat pasting production line.

04 conclusion

With the diversification of consumer demand, it has become a new direction of industry development to quickly meet the different needs of consumers. The breakthrough of transparent high light technology has brought a new look to the veneer plate, bringing a unique sense of advanced and modern to consumers. Through the full-automatic flat pasting production line, it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of consumers for high-quality life, and the big home customization industry will usher in a new peak soon!

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