How to store particleboard correctly?

How to store particleboard correctly?

Particleboard has flat surface, realistic texture, uniform bulk density, small thickness error, pollution resistance, aging resistance, beautiful appearance, and can be painted and all kinds of veneers; it does not need drying, and can be used directly.

According to the structure of particleboard, it can be divided into single-layer particleboard, three-layer particleboard, gradual particleboard, directional particleboard, waffle particleboard and moulded particleboard; according to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into flat particleboard and extruded particleboard.

Because the edge is rough and easy to absorb moisture, the furniture edge sealing technology made of particleboard is particularly important. In addition, because particleboard has a large volume, furniture made with it is also heavier than other sheets.

The floor of particleboard furniture must be level and the legs should be balanced. If the furniture is in an unstable state after being placed, the tenon or fastener will fall off and the bonding part will crack over time, which will affect the use effect and reduce the life of the furniture.

Furniture placement is best not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Frequent sunshine will fade the paint film of furniture. Metal fittings are easily oxidized and deteriorated. Wood is easy to be crisp. Finally, it is necessary to maintain indoor humidity to prevent furniture from being damaged by excessive humidity.

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