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How to teach foreigners Chinese scientifically?

How to teach foreigners Chinese scientifically?

How can we teach foreigners Chinese? This is a question that many people are puzzled about. Some people think that translation is necessary. In fact, it is not. During the process of translation, the description or expression of things will inevitably produce more or less ambiguity. Only by using professional teaching technology can students be guided to correctly understand and use Chinese.

First, we need to set goals for “foreigners”

Initial objective

Proficient in reading Chinese pinyin and correct tone

Can read and write 100-200 commonly used Chinese characters

Be able to listen and speak simple daily conversations, recognize the words and understand simple Chinese syntax

Medium objective

Take daily life as a unit, be able to read the commonly used sentences in each unit and write the simpler Chinese characters

Learn to teach complex sentence patterns and the use of special words through the dialogue in the situation unit

Be able to have a simple and free dialogue according to different life situations

High order objective

Be able to conduct most life conversations

Be able to read and understand most of the common passages in life

Be able to explain your ideas in simple sentences

Second, the teaching content

phonetics teaching

Chinese characters are graphic characters, and sound cannot be read from the surface of the characters. Therefore, we must borrow a set of memory tools to help us learn. Therefore, learning Chinese pinyin is the first requirement for learning Chinese. After learning Pinyin, students can read, look up dictionaries and surf the Internet to expand their self-learning ability.

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