HPL  laminates  purchase buying guide

HPL  laminates  purchase buying guide





It is unwilling for everyone to step into a pit when shopping, but they can’t stand the pit in the world. When purchasing HPL  panels, because the industry is chaotic and the vicious competition between manufacturers is serious, it is easy to be fooled by carelessness. What should we pay attention to when purchasing HPL  laminates ? Let’s share it with you today.




First: Learn simple fire board quality identification




  1. HPL panels have a strong overall smoothness. Although there are some special concave and convex surface treatments, the thickness of the panels in each position has a very small difference.




  1. Strong and delicate surface touch, no burr and rough feeling with hands.




  1. Although the HPL board is very brittle, it is not easy to break apart the small sample board. When it is forced to break apart, the sound is clear and the section is oblique and sharp.




  1. Talk about the quality standards before purchase, ask for good samples, and compare the samples with the goods when they are delivered.




Second: Request test report




There are mainly two kinds of HPL  board testing reports: HPL  performance testing report and formaldehyde emission testing report; HPL  grade reaches B1, formaldehyde emission reaches E1, which is a standard of HPL  board is credible.




Third: Choose the regular brand of HPL  board




When purchasing HPL  panels, we should have a certain understanding of all kinds of brands, try to choose the old brand, and also the brand that suits us, because some brands have a very high demand for the initial order quantity, and the quantity of purchases can not reach others is unreasonable.




Fourth: Don’t be greedy and cheap to choose the normal price of fire protection board




There is no free lunch in the world. The quality of products is always linked to the price we pay. Although we do not exclude the situation of low quality and high price, 99.9% of the cases can not buy high quality at low price. Nowadays, the price war is serious in the market. Many manufacturers offer only thirty or forty yuan per sheet. This kind of sheet can not be used strictly.

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