HPL PLywood Manufacturing :Part 1 Winter Low temperature Production

HPL PLywood Manufacturing :Part 1 Winter Low temperature Production

The use of cold-pressed glue, any glue are valid when the temperature is within a range, so these days saw the factory’s HPL plywood production, found that some of the plywood surface appeared small bubbles, uncovered the top HPL plastics, did not find any problems on the substrate, and carefully looked at the workshop’s thermometer, and sure enough and guess, the temperature is too low, glue lost its due activity,So there are some bubbles.

Some Glue adhesive offer high and cold low temperature resistance in combination with highly desirable performance properties. If the glue used in the valid temperature range ,the adhesives bond very quickly and to a range of substrates .

When manufacture the HPL plywood or any other types of plywood ,check if the glue used for the production can have  resisting temperatures .Can the Adhesives  used in the Subzero Temperature Range ? Most of the adhesives at functioning across a wide temperature range.

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