HPL sheets

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First of all, “HPL” is the English name of fire retardant board. It is called High-pressure (Laminate) surface decoration refractory building material. It has rich surface color, texture and special physical properties. HPL refractory board is widely used in interior decoration, furniture, cabinets, laboratory countertops and other fields

HPL is a fireproof board. What are its advantages? HPL is the fire plate English referred to, that is, kraft paper and decorative paper and then stacked impregnated with phenolic resin solution, made by high temperature and high pressure; the decorative sheet, all aspects of performance are higher than other types of sheet, distinguished from the material, the plate is made of kraft most of the traditional plate, made of wood material and PVC. In the process of use, there will be some congenital defects.

HPL fireproof board, also known as refractory board, is a kind of fireproof, flame retardant, surface color, texture rich, impact resistant, easy to clean, antibacterial, non fading and many other excellent characteristics of a sheet. The fireproof grade of HPL fireproof bonding panel can reach B2 grade, and the content of formaldehyde release can reach E0 grade.

Commonly used specifications: 2440mm * 1220mm, thick 0.5-1.2mm.

Imitation wood grain, imitation stone, as well as the emergence of new metal finishes, fire board can be described as “change master”, it seems that it can not imitate the effect. In the environmental awareness is high today, wood and stone are classified as caution range, and fire prevention board of the two friendly imitation to meet the people’s visual experience, so its frequent appearances in building materials city also be not at all surprising. The metal effects of the fire board provide the designer with the possibility to try. The wall of the background, the local part of the whole cabinet, etc., jumping, arbitrary shape of the metal fireproof board, can be added to the interior. Such as the use of metal plate real (aluminum, stainless steel plate, etc.) is a complex construction, the two is the price is high, and the fire prevention board is engaging for goods. No matter what changes are made, the quality of the fireproof board is the most important. Poor quality fireproof board has the following characteristics: uneven color, fragile crack, burst mouth, simple design, moreover, its heat resistance, acid resistance, basicity and abrasion resistance are correspondingly poor.

HPL types of fire retardant boards:

1, flat color, elegant surface and smooth series: simple and clean, stain resistant, wearable, suitable for restaurants, bars face, veneer. 2, grain, elegant surface and smooth series: luxurious and generous, durable, suitable for furniture, household appliances, finishes and movable ceiling. 3 、 leather color, elegant surface and smooth series: easy to clean, suitable for decorative kitchen utensils, wall panels, railings, handrails and so on. 4, elegant and smooth surface stone color series: not easy to wear, suitable for interior walls, hall counters, dado. 5, fine, geometric, elegant and glossy: this series applies to the surface of the inlaid window board, skirting board, and the fireproof door leaf, the wall board and the worktable.

What is the standard name of HPL board?

The name of the world called Naihuoban is different, the name used in a variety of standards are as follows: (1) GB/T 7911-1999 (People’s Republic of China national standard) thermosetting resin impregnated paper decorative high-pressure laminates, Decorative high-pressure laminate (HPL) -sheets based on thermosetting resins: HPL, commonly known as fire board. (2) (NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association) neme Name: High-Pressure Decorative Laminates (abbreviation: HPDL). (3) ISO (International Organization for Standardization) the name of the international standards organization: High-Pressure Decorative Laminates (4) BS (British Standard) British Standards Association Name: Decorative Laminates – High-Pressure Sheets based on thermosetting resin (referred to as: HPL).


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