HPL Structure and Raw Materials of Fireproof Skin

HPL Structure and Raw Materials of Fireproof Skin

Fire-proof leather is divided into three basic layers, the most surface layer is transparent wear-resistant layer, the second layer is decorative paper layer, and the third layer is the base layer.


Wear-resistant layer: Increase the surface wear resistance and high temperature resistance of fire-resistant leather.

Decoration layer: play a decorative effect, the main performance of fire-proof board color texture.

Base layer: Strengthen the structural strength of the fire-proof board, can adjust the thickness of the base to adjust the overall thickness of the skin.

Raw material

Wear-resistant layer: Aluminum trioxide transparent paper or silicon carbide transparent paper, fire resistance and wear resistance mainly depends on this layer of paper.

Decorative layer: Melamine impregnated printing paper, the weight of general paper: 80-120 g/.

Base layer: kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin or urea-formaldehyde resin. The weight of general paper is 140-180 g/. The thickness of fire-proof board mainly depends on the thickness of the basement layer. The more the basement layer, the thicker the fire-proof board.

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