High pressure decorative laminates should be adhesively bonded to a substrate, or to a sheet substrate forming a new
composite component which will be used in other assemblies. Suitable substrates may include but are not limited to particleboard (Have a minimum density ), medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or high density fiberboard (HDF). Materials with sufficient dimensional stability and internal bond strength such as plywood, steel, aluminum, gypsum board, and similar materials are   recommended for use as substrates.

When inspect the substrate :

1.Flatness ,smoothness

2.tight thickness tolerance

3.Good  dimensional stability

4.Excellent internal bond strength ( cold pressing or hot pressing with high pressure rate )

5.No warpping (If 1 side HPL lamination ,need to be balanced to flat )

6.No other visual manufacturing defects affect the glue bond strength ,

7.No foreign materials on the surface,Surfaces to be adhered must be sound, thoroughly dry, clean, free of dust, wood chips, oil and other types of surface contamination.

Not just these HPL subsrate QC checklist ,but also more details for inspection

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