HPL To Israel

HPL To Israel,Many Israel  Timber Trade companies are the leading timber products companies in Israel. These building materials companies import  and market  a wide range of sawn and processed hardwood and softwood (spruce and pine) and plywood (OSB, shuttered board,MDF ,HPL sheets and compact Plywood ) for use in the joinery, construction and the DIY (do it yourself) markets.

Israel is the main and big markets of Imported Chinese HPL sheets ,Compact products and HPL plywood .So ,if you want to find the buyers,Israel are the target markets for you  to search and visit .

The major HPL sheets prouction basis are in Henan ,changzhou mostly and some are located in linyi and yantai ,zhenjiang  .HPL plywood  factories are mainly located in Linyi city and Pizhou ,Rizhao and Yantai …If foreign buyers want to buy chinese HPL Plywood ,HPL sheets and compact ,these places are the target resource to search and source .

Some useful info can help you make more your suppliers understand better the HPL plywood purchasing .

1.HPL types ,styles numbers ,the famous are xiawang paper ,qifeng paper ,dilong paper …

2.HPL sheets thickness 0.5mm and 0.6mm …calculate the actual thickenss

3.HPL production process and raw materails

4.HPL matt and glossy finishes ,better have exact samples

5.HPL color and wood grain or other ,better have exact samples

6.Base panels veneer core plies and core veneer quality details ,each plies are same thickness or

7.Base panels density and thickness after calibrated sanding .

8.calibrated sanded base plywood or NON-Calibrated sanded panels platform

9.E1 glue formaldehyde emission rates

10.Finished HPL plywood thickness and tolerance

11.Cold pressing pressure rate for HPL pressing

12.the glue details used for the HPL pressing

13.How many hours cold pressing time for HPL lamination

14.If 1 side ,how to balance the plywood to flat not warping .

15.Glue color