I am sick 韦博英语

I am sick 韦博英语一、Hi ______ How are you?
—Not good / I’m sick二、Oh no,What’s wrong(with you)?/ What’s the matter?
1、I have a cold / fever / cough
~I got a cold
2、I have a headache / earache / toothache / stomach ache / backache
My eyes hurt;
My neck/chest/arm/finger/shoulder/bottom/butt/leg/knee… hurts

*sore 和 ache 的区别:
ache 指一般性疼痛,通常被修饰词之后——stomach ache;toothache
sore 指肌肉酸痛,通常指运动后的酸痛
I have sore feet / I have a sore arm
*pain 和 hurt 的区别
pain 作名词
I have a lot of pain in my knee
hurt 作动词,既可表示肉体的伤害,也可表示心灵的伤害
I won’t hurt you

3、leg/arm—— I have a broken leg/arm
I broke my leg/arm
cut(伤口)—— I have a cut (on my finger)
I cut my finger

三、That’s too bad. What happened?
Headache —— I drank too much beer last night
Toothache —— I had too much candies
Cough —— I stayed up to watch TV last night
Earache —— I went swimming and the water into my ear

四、May be you can drink a lot of water (建议)
You need to get some rest / have a break
You can make an appointment with a dentist
You need to see a doctor
You need to take some medicine
*take some aspirin / cough syrup(teaspoon)
*take two pills after meals three times a day

五、Good idea. Thanks

Topic4. I’m sick.

Related Vocabulary:

head, eye, ear, nose, throat, mouth, tooth, neck, stomach, arm, hand, finger, leg, foot, back,   headache, earache, sore throat, cold, toothache, stomach ache, broken arm, backache, fever, cut, cough,   bandage, cough syrup, aspirin, pill, capsule, teaspoon,  because, so,

Important Sentences:  How are you? I am sick.  What’s wrong with you? / What’s the matter? I got a cold.  You need to see a doctor.  You need to take some medicine.  Take two pills one time after meals and take three times a day.

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