Importance of unified plywood standards

Importance of unified plywood standards

In ancient times, the weights and measures between different countries were not uniform. You need to convert from one country to another, which brought a lot of inconvenience. After the unification of measures and measures, such cross-regional exchanges and transactions are also very convenient, so the commercial society develops and prospers, and to a certain extent, promotes the development process of the country.

If each time zone uses its own time and you travel to another place in the country, you have to adjust the time on your mobile phone; if the country wants to hold a meeting or a collective activity, each place has to convert its own time. It is not difficult to foresee that the disorder of time has caused great trouble.

State-owned national standards, there are rules. All walks of life have their own standards, which are established by convention and accumulated experience through years of development of the industry. Plywood standards are the crystallization of the wisdom of the plywood industry. Just as network communication has protocols, programming is standardized and chargers have unified interfaces, standardization plays an irreplaceable role in all walks of life.

Our quality controllers and factories get very different results because of different standards, which is extremely unfavorable to ensure the ultimate use and sales of plywood. Because different standards mean no standards, no standards, no inspection and maintenance.

In fact, it is particularly important to establish the consciousness of plywood standards and let them work for you.

1. Rules should be laid down at the outset, and this rule should be formulated with the consent of all, if necessary, to amend it. This standard is accepted by all.

2. There are no exceptions to the rules. Everyone treats them equally and maintains the authority of the rules.

3. Strictly enforce the grading rules of plywood and wood-based panels, reward for compliance, punishment for breaking rules, and clear rewards and penalties. The implementation of the rules should be strict at the beginning, strict to the end, and never slack tenacity.

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